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Song meaning of Demons by A$AP Rocky

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Song meaning for Demons by A$AP Rocky

The song "Demons" by A$AP Rocky is a reflection of the rapper's struggles with addiction and the negative thoughts that come with it. He describes the physical and mental toll that drugs have taken on him, but also expresses his determination to succeed in the music industry. The chorus repeats the idea of demons surrounding him and the fear of being alone with his thoughts. Overall, the song is a raw and honest portrayal of the challenges that come with fame and addiction.

Funny song meaning for Demons by A$AP Rocky

Well, well, well, looks like A$AP Rocky is really opening up about his inner demons in this track. He starts off by admitting that he's smoked so much weed that he's becoming braindead and his gums are starting to feel numb from all the cocaine. Yikes! Then, he goes on to describe his stomach issues and projectile vomiting, which is just lovely. It seems like his only escape from it all is through music and rapping. He's dreaming of making it big with his team in Manhattan, but everyone's trying to test him and his intellect. And of course, he wouldn't be A$AP Rocky without throwing a few digs at the end, disrespecting anyone who gets in his way. But, all in all, it seems like those pesky demons keep getting the best of him, and he's just trying to hang on and not drown in his own evil thoughts. Stay strong, A$AP!

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