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Song meaning of 3 O'Clock Things by AJR



Song meaning for 3 O'Clock Things by AJR

"3 O'Clock Things" by AJR is a thought-provoking and introspective song that delves into various themes and societal observations. The song opens with a reassuring message, encouraging the listener to keep their eyes open and not miss out on life's experiences. This sets the tone for the song's exploration of different topics.

The first verse touches upon the irony of the modern world, where the narrator reflects on how they paid for college through YouTube, a platform that could have distracted them from their studies. They also comment on the captivating nature of advertisements, comparing them to addictive substances. The lyrics suggest a sense of regret for not allocating their resources properly.

Moving into the second verse, the song delves into feelings of insecurity and FOMO (fear of missing out). The narrator questions whether people's shyness or indifference towards them is the reason for their perceived exclusion from social events. They also contemplate the overrated nature of sex and the tendency to pretend to be amazing rather than expressing true feelings. The mention of it being 3 AM implies a sense of restlessness and sleeplessness, further emphasizing the internal struggles being faced.

The chorus explores the fear of vulnerability and the reluctance to reveal one's true self to others. The lyrics suggest that the narrator is hesitant to ask for acceptance or understanding, as it is a daunting prospect. The mention of it being three o'clock again reinforces the idea of late-night introspection and uncertainty about reality.

In the third verse, the song takes a political turn, criticizing the cyclical nature of voting and the potential for electing leaders who may not have the best intentions. The lyrics imply that discussing politics can strain relationships, causing friends to distance themselves. The reference to Hamilton, a musical known for its political themes, suggests a desire to engage in meaningful discourse without losing popularity.

The bridge returns to the reassuring message from the beginning, emphasizing that everything will be alright and encouraging the listener to stay alert and not miss out on life's moments.

The final verse tackles the divisive nature of society, suggesting that blame can be placed on parents for passing down their biases and beliefs. The lyrics caution against getting involved in politics to avoid alienating fans, highlighting the delicate balance artists must maintain. The song concludes with a powerful statement against racism, declaring that those who hold such views are not welcome at their shows.

Overall, "3 O'Clock Things" by AJR is a lyrically dense song that touches on themes of regret, insecurity, societal observations, and the struggle to navigate personal and political identities. It encourages introspection and challenges listeners to question the world around them.

Funny song meaning for 3 O'Clock Things by AJR

Ah yes, "3 O'Clock Things" by AJR, where they take us on a wild ride filled with college regrets, late-night existential crises, political disillusionment, and racial tolerance. So, our protagonist starts off reminiscing about the good old days when he could have chosen YouTube over college, but then he would have been subjected to the horror of skipping ads and reading comments. Can you imagine? The real tragedy here is that advertisements have become so good that our poor guy is now broke because he spent all his money trying to escape them. Ah, the struggles of our generation!

Moving on, they also delve into the perplexing dilemma of whether someone is shy or just hates them. It's a true conundrum, folks. And apparently, everyone around them is busy hooking up and partying while they're left feeling like a discarded pickle. Sex may be overrated, but they never seem to openly admit it because they're too shy. So instead, they put on a facade of being amazingly amazing (even though it's 3 AM and they should be sleeping).

But wait, it doesn't stop there! AJR takes a quick detour into the complex world of politics. They talk about voting for someone to vote for someone to vote for someone, and how sometimes you end up with someone evil who "means well" (sound familiar?). Our singer is no stranger to political talk, but their friends are so done with it. They're basically the Hamilton of conversations without the hit songs, folks.

Finally, they wrap it all up by telling us to keep our eyes open because we wouldn't want to miss a thing. Except, maybe if that thing is a racist, in which case, they kindly ask them not to come to their show. Bravo, AJR, for addressing the hard-hitting issues of our time with such finesse. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to debate whether I'm shy or if everyone just hates me. It's a tough gig, but hey, someone's got to do it. And that, my friends, is the funny interpretation of "3 O'Clock Things"!

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