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Ae Nazneen Suno Na By A R Rahman

Song meaning of Ae nazneen suno na by A.R. Rahman

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Song meaning for Ae nazneen suno na by A.R. Rahman

"Ae nazneen suno na" is a beautiful song composed by A.R. Rahman, with lyrics that express deep emotions and admiration for a loved one. The song begins with the plea to the elegant beloved to listen attentively. The singer requests the authority to have a claim on the beloved, even offering their own life in exchange. The moment the singer lays eyes on the beloved, their consciousness is lost, and their lips feel as if they have been sewn shut. This portrays the overwhelming effect the beloved has on the singer.

The lyrics further describe the beloved as a creation of God, with divine qualities. It is said that God has incorporated His omnipotence in the beloved, making them a vessel of His power. The beauty of the beloved is compared to delicate flowers and their feet are described as more tender than flowers themselves. The beloved is seen as a masterpiece sculpted with love by God, resembling a goddess of sculptors. The singer emphasizes that there is no one like the beloved in the entire world.

The song also expresses the longing to see the beloved in reality, as they are currently hidden behind the curtain of thoughts. The singer mentions staring at the moon, but their eyes only see the face of the beloved. The moonlight is described as burning the heart in cold nights, symbolizing the intense longing and desire for the beloved. The singer confesses their inability to sleep, as thoughts of the beloved keep them awake. However, there is a belief that one day they will meet and share sweet talks and nights filled with love.

Overall, "Ae nazneen suno na" is a heartfelt song that beautifully captures the emotions of love, longing, and admiration for a beloved. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the overwhelming effect the beloved has on the singer and their deep desire to be with them. A.R. Rahman's composition adds to the emotional depth of the song, making it a memorable and soul-stirring experience for the listeners.

Funny song meaning for Ae nazneen suno na by A.R. Rahman

Ah, "Ae nazneen suno na" by the legendary A.R. Rahman, huh? Well, let me break it down for you in my oh-so-entertaining way. So, this elegant person (aka "nazneen") wants someone to bestow authority upon them, like grant them the power to control everything. And if that's not enough, they're even willing to give up their life! Talk about dramatic, right? But hey, all this unnecessary drama is supposedly because when they saw this person, their lips magically got sewn shut. Yep, no more talking for them! The singer goes on to compare the person to a divine entity, claiming that God molded them with love and reduced the distribution of beauty to the rest of us mere mortals. Ah, the arrogance! Then comes the mention of tender lips and feet softer than flowers. Um, okay, I guess we're getting a bit too poetic here. Anyway, this "devii" (aka goddess) is apparently one-of-a-kind and the singer is desperately asking them to appear in front of them without the curtain of thoughts hiding them. They even desperately stare at the moon, as if hoping to find the person's face in their eyes. Yeah, good luck with that! But hey, at least they're convinced that someday they'll have sweet talks and love-filled nights with this beauty. Oh, the fantasies they construct! In the end, they just desperately ask for news of their arrival. You know what? This all sounds like a recipe for a restraining order and psychiatric evaluation if you ask me. My advice to the singer: tone down the obsession and seek professional help!

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