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Dead Presidents By Asche Kollegah Robbie Banks

Song meaning of Dead Presidents by Asche, Kollegah & Robbie Banks

Asche, Kollegah & Robbie Banks


Song meaning for Dead Presidents by Asche, Kollegah & Robbie Banks

"Dead Presidents" is a powerful collaboration between Asche, Kollegah, and Robbie Banks that delves into themes of money, fame, and betrayal. The song opens with Asche and Kollegah asserting their resilience in the face of adversity. They refuse to bow down to anyone, even when faced with numerous challenges and guns pointed at them. They are determined to fight against the world, no matter how many obstacles are thrown their way.

Kollegah's verse showcases his confidence and dominance in the rap game. He refers to himself as a "Big Boss" and compares his icy jewelry to the Snowman in the movie "Frozen." He highlights his rise to power and dismisses any attempts to provoke him. Kollegah's lyrics are filled with clever wordplay and metaphors, showcasing his lyrical prowess.

Asche takes over in the second verse, addressing those who try to bring him down. He refuses to take any losses and declares that he will make rap great again. Asche also references his collaboration with Kollegah, emphasizing their strong bond and the fact that they don't need bodyguards. He reflects on his past as a dealer and his journey from the bottom to success, comparing himself to the legendary rapper 2Pac. Asche's lyrics are filled with confidence and determination, as he asserts his place in the rap industry.

Robbie Banks enters the song in the third verse, making a statement with his presence. He references his reunion with the boss and declares himself a "Made Man." Banks boasts about his fully loaded clip, ready for payback. He emphasizes his aesthetic vision and the success he has achieved in the music business. Banks also addresses those who doubted him, asserting his position as one of the best in the industry.

Overall, "Dead Presidents" is a powerful anthem that showcases the artists' resilience, confidence, and determination to succeed in the face of adversity. The song's lyrics are filled with clever wordplay, metaphors, and references to their personal journeys, making it a standout track in the rap genre.

Funny song meaning for Dead Presidents by Asche, Kollegah & Robbie Banks

Ah, "Dead Presidents" by Asche, Kollegah & Robbie Banks, a perfect anthem for all those money-loving, fame-seeking individuals out there. The lyrics dive deep into the struggles of betrayal, scars, and the constant battle against the world. But fear not, because we have the protagonist who refuses to kneel, no matter the number of guns on their forehead. Yes, my friends, they are fighting against the world while the rest of us simply stand in awe. Kollegah, with his Big Boss attitude and ice full of carats, is on a mission to become the Godfather and ascend to Christ's level of heavenly fame. And let's not forget the epic dissing -- your mom gets compared to a Greek horse with more men behind her than in the Trojan War! Asche, on the other hand, takes no Ls and delivers a rap masterpiece that will surely make rap great again. With a combination of death-defying weapons, mini-guns, and a nod to 2Pac, he crafts a tale of survival and rising from the bottom like a cassette player playing 2Pac's greatest hits. Robbie Banks bursts onto the scene, ready to make a statement and claim his place as a Made Man. Fully loaded with aesthetic vision and a contract signed under the clinking of champagne glasses, he's here to show you how it's done. So, my friends, let's fight against the world, keep our faces immortalized like dead presidents, and never stop until we reach the pinnacle of success.

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