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Song meaning of SEDA by Bad Bunny & Bryant Myers

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Song meaning for SEDA by Bad Bunny & Bryant Myers

"Seda" is a collaborative song by Bad Bunny and Bryant Myers that explores themes of dominance, desire, and sexual satisfaction. The lyrics depict a relationship dynamic where Bad Bunny and Bryant Myers have their partner completely under their control, symbolized by being "sometida debajo 'e la seda" (submissive under the silk). The seductive and alluring nature of the partner is emphasized, with references to their attractive measurements and the irresistible allure of their "totito" (slang for female genitalia).

The song delves into the sexual encounters between the artists and their partner, highlighting the frequency and intensity of their encounters. The lyrics suggest that the partner is no longer a "bebé" (baby) but still craves intimacy with Bad Bunny and Bryant Myers, even requesting it in the night. The comparison of the partner swallowing like Kirby, a video game character known for consuming everything in its path, adds a playful and explicit element to the song.

Bryant Myers takes over in the second verse, expressing that the partner has desired this encounter for a while. He mentions wanting to bite, spit, and aggress the partner, fulfilling their desires but also acknowledging the need to control and suppress these desires. The lyrics also reference leaving marks on the partner's body, using the metaphor of "enrolando en pantie' y mi franela" (rolling in panties and my shirt) to describe their intimate encounters. The mention of "novela" (novel) suggests that their relationship is like a dramatic storyline, adding a layer of intrigue and excitement.

Bad Bunny returns in the third verse, describing their sexual encounters in more explicit detail. He mentions melting candles, sleepless nights, and the possibility of his mother having a new daughter-in-law due to the intensity of their relationship. The lyrics also touch on their intimate moments in the shower and how Bad Bunny explores every part of the partner's body like playing the game Twister. The verse ends with a reference to leaving his essence inside the partner, not wanting to withdraw, and potentially impregnating them.

Overall, "Seda" is a provocative and explicit song that explores themes of dominance, desire, and sexual satisfaction. The lyrics depict a passionate and intense relationship where Bad Bunny and Bryant Myers assert their control and fulfill their partner's desires.

Funny song meaning for SEDA by Bad Bunny & Bryant Myers

Oh, "SEDA" by Bad Bunny & Bryant Myers, what a seductive tale you have to spin. It seems like our dynamic duo are quite the aficionados when it comes to silky-soft encounters. Bad Bunny's got someone "sometida debajo 'e la seda" (underneath the silk), and he's clearly enjoying the fit of a certain "totito" (yeah, you read that right). And if you thought Friday nights were for Netflix and chilling, think again, because these two are all about dishing out the love on any day of the week. But wait, there's more! Bryant Myers has been waiting for this moment for quite some time, just itching to bite, spit, and aggressively...uh...fulfill desires. They even venture from Hestia straight to Andrómeda for some cosmic lovemaking. Talk about taking it to the next level! So, if you fancy some Enchanted Sheets, I mean "SEDA," then grab your satin pajamas and get ready for a night of seductive twister and limitless inch-counting. It's a trapero 'e trapero' tale like no other. Bow chicka wow wow!

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