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Song meaning of Hallelujah by Bamboo



Song meaning for Hallelujah by Bamboo

"Hallelujah" by Bamboo is a powerful and introspective song that delves into themes of personal growth, self-reflection, and the desire for change. The lyrics paint a picture of a world filled with darkness and deceit, where the singer contemplates leaving it all behind and starting anew. The opening verse sets the tone, expressing frustration with the current state of affairs and the longing to escape from it all.

The song then takes a more philosophical turn, with the line "Bato-bato sa langit, tamaan, 'wag magalit" which translates to "Stone thrown to the sky, don't be angry if it hits you." This line suggests that the singer is aware of the cunning and manipulative nature of certain individuals, and encourages listeners not to be surprised or resentful when they are affected by their actions. The following lines express empathy for those who are suffering, with the singer offering their support and understanding.

The chorus, with its repeated "Hallelujah" chant, serves as a call to action. It questions who is tired and who is angry, urging people to speak up and make their voices heard. It is a rallying cry for unity and empowerment, encouraging individuals to find strength in their collective voice.

The bridge of the song introduces a metaphorical element, with the singer feeling blinded by the light and struggling to see the truth. They express a sense of shame for what they have become and acknowledge their own flaws. However, they also embrace the idea of a new day and taking control of their own destiny. The lyrics suggest that change starts from within and that the singer is determined to make a difference, even if it means going door-to-door to spread their message.

The final verse takes a more personal and intimate turn, with the singer declaring their unwavering love and commitment to someone. They become the protector, watching over the person they care for while they sleep. This verse adds a layer of vulnerability and tenderness to the song, showcasing the depth of emotion and the lengths the singer is willing to go for love.

Overall, "Hallelujah" by Bamboo is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged song that encourages listeners to reflect on their own lives, find strength in unity, and strive for positive change. It combines elements of social commentary, introspection, and love, creating a multifaceted and impactful musical experience.

Funny song meaning for Hallelujah by Bamboo

Ah, "Hallelujah" by Bamboo, a song that starts off like a melodramatic soap opera theme. It's all about being fed up with the darkness and wanting to escape to a faraway land. I mean, who wouldn't want to abandon their problems and just fly away, right? But then comes the world-altering revelation that throwing stones at heaven might not be the wisest move. Apparently, someone outsmarted us all. And hey, guess what? It costs a measly peso to cry your heart out and give a dollar's worth of blood for every teary-eyed, impoverished soul. But don't worry, because as long as you have a companion, be it a brother or a friend, there's hope! Hallelujah, hallelujah! Who's tired? Who's angry? Shout it out tonight! Hallelujah, hallelujah! Let's all rejoice with a dash of Yeah-Yeahs while blinded by the light and searching for faces that we can barely see. It's time for some deep introspection, my friend. Look within that mirror of shame and confront your arch-nemesis – your own reflection! Yes, it's a new day to seize control, to spread a message like a crazed door-to-door salesman. You'll find yourself in every soul, and with their permission, you'll make it your personal mission. Rescue me from the fire! But wait, hold up! Tonight, I am your soldier. While you sleep, I'll be the ever-vigilant watchman. Why? Because I love you, baby! Look at me, ooh-woah-woah, all my love is for you, and you alone. So, who's tired? Who's angry? Shout it out tonight! Hallelujah, hallelujah! And just when you thought it was all over, another round of Hallelujahs tops it off. Oh-woah, woah-oh! Hallelu-ooh!

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