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Song meaning for Mainstream by BE:FIRST

The song "Mainstream" by BE:FIRST is an energetic and confident anthem that celebrates individuality and the power to set trends. The lyrics convey a sense of determination and self-assurance, encouraging listeners to embrace their unique styles and perspectives without feeling the need to conform to societal norms.

The chorus, with its repeated phrase "We're gonna create the trend, trend, trend," emphasizes the band's intention to establish their own path in the music industry. They express a lack of interest in competing with others or following popular trends blindly. Instead, they aim to make a mark by staying true to themselves and their artistic vision.

The verses touch upon various themes related to fame, success, and the influence of media. The lyrics suggest that being true to oneself is more important than seeking validation or conforming to societal expectations. The lines "You don't have to be smart, my style is just as it is" highlight the band's belief in the power of authenticity and self-expression.

The bridge section of the song showcases the band's confidence and ambition. They proclaim their presence on stage and their ability to captivate audiences with their topics and ideas. The lyrics also hint at the band's desire to go beyond traditional forms of media and embrace the evolving landscape of digital platforms.

Overall, "Mainstream" by BE:FIRST is a spirited anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and create their own trends. It celebrates the power of authenticity and self-expression, urging listeners to break free from societal expectations and make their mark in the world.

Funny song meaning for Mainstream by BE:FIRST

Ah, "Mainstream" by BE:FIRST, a stylish anthem for those who embrace the status quo with a sprinkling of arrogance. Here's my interpretation: The lyrics seem to be about the lead singer bragging about their so-called mainstream success and their absolute lack of interest in competing or being remotely original. They take a jab at the concept of trends and being popular, basically saying that they don't need intelligence or individuality because they've got "My style," which I'm assuming means an extremely elevated sense of self-importance. They proudly claim to set the trend while simultaneously refusing to chase or let anyone catch up to them because, you know, a star like them has no time for peasants. But hey, they do deliver a captivating chorus about zooming from the bottom to the top, completely oblivious to the fact that they're essentially just glorifying their own unremarkable existence. Bravo! Such profound depth, truly a masterpiece of shallowness. "Mainstream" indeed, my friends!

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