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Song meaning of Dying 2 Live by Big Baby Tape

Big Baby Tape

Song meaning for Dying 2 Live by Big Baby Tape

"Dying 2 Live" by Big Baby Tape is a rap song that delves into the artist's personal struggles and his determination to succeed despite the challenges he faces. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve their dreams. In the first verse, Big Baby Tape expresses his desire for others to understand the pain he carries. He talks about being deeply involved in the street life and how it has affected him. The line "I'm dying to live, it's harder for me to breathe" suggests that he is willing to go to extreme lengths to make a name for himself in the music industry. The chorus emphasizes the artist's commitment to his craft. He is willing to die for his music, as it is the only way he feels truly alive. The repetition of the line "I'm dying to live" reinforces his dedication and passion for his art. The second verse continues to explore Big Baby Tape's journey to success. He references his past struggles and how far he has come. The line "I've come a long way, I can pour Perignon on the floor" suggests that he has achieved a level of success that allows him to indulge in luxury. Throughout the song, Big Baby Tape also touches on the theme of money and its influence on his life. He mentions his friends and how money has changed them, but he remains grounded and focused on his goals. The line "These money don't change us, they change our mood" reflects his understanding that money can have both positive and negative effects. Overall, "Dying 2 Live" is a song that showcases Big Baby Tape's determination and resilience in the face of adversity. It highlights his willingness to sacrifice everything for his music and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

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Ah, the majestic symphony that is "Dying 2 Live" by the one and only Big Baby Tape. This musical masterpiece takes us on a profound journey into the depths of his soul, where he reveals his undying desire to be free from the pain that life relentlessly throws at him. He compares his infatuation with the trap lifestyle to a love affair, passionately declaring that he would rather die to truly live. It's truly a poetic expression of self-discovery wrapped in the sweet embrace of a trap beat. So, without further ado, let us all join together and bask in the glory of Big Baby Tape's quest to find meaning in the chaos of existence. Bravo, Big Baby Tape, bravo.

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