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M11 By Big Baby Tape Ft Alblak 52

Song meaning of M11 by Big Baby Tape (Ft. ALBLAK 52)

Big Baby Tape

Song meaning for M11 by Big Baby Tape (Ft. ALBLAK 52)

"M11" by Big Baby Tape featuring ALBLAK 52 is a Russian rap song that delves into themes of success, self-confidence, and the struggles that come with it. The song opens with Big Baby Tape asserting his dominance and dismissing the need for advice from others. He boasts about his wealth, mentioning the expensive jewelry he wears and the love he receives from others in places where he is not present. He reminisces about the past when he had ten million on his hand, highlighting his rise to fame and fortune. Big Baby Tape continues his verse by expressing his ability to heal the pain through his music. He claims to be the reason why people are interested in his lyrics and describes his flow as a vessel for his pain and tears. He references his luxurious lifestyle, mentioning his future plans to ride in a Ghost car and his affinity for expensive jewelry. Despite his material success, he admits to not being a devout Christian and struggling with fasting. He asserts his boss-like status and desires even more wealth and possessions, such as white Ford cars. ALBLAK 52 takes over the second verse, adding his own perspective to the song. He mentions the thousands of lights surrounding them and expresses his contentment with passing the ball to others. He acknowledges that there is more gunpowder and fire in their lives, suggesting a sense of danger and excitement. He humorously compares themselves to being from another planet, with a horse (conventional) versus a pegasus (extraordinary). ALBLAK 52 dismisses those who criticize them and states that money should not be hidden under the mattress. He reflects on his personal growth, mentioning his transition from a couch to a bed, and emphasizes the importance of always having something to dream about. The chorus, sung by both Big Baby Tape and ALBLAK 52, reinforces the themes of reminiscing about the past and the unchanging nature of their lives. They mention the darkness surrounding them, symbolizing the unknown future, but express their determination to find their place and name it St. Petersburg. They recall the times when they were together, surrounded by six bodies in one room, and express their longing for the Neva River, a significant landmark in St. Petersburg. Overall, "M11" is a song that showcases the artists' confidence, success, and aspirations while acknowledging the challenges that come with their lifestyle. It reflects on their past, present, and hopes for the future, all set against a backdrop of Russian rap beats.

Funny song meaning for M11 by Big Baby Tape (Ft. ALBLAK 52)

Ah, the profound lyrics of "M11" by Big Baby Tape and ALBLAK 52. Let's dive into this lyrical masterpiece, shall we? The chorus starts off strong with "Raz, dva, kidayu bol na kuplet" which roughly translates to "One, two, I throw pain in the verse." Wow, talk about poetic genius! This song is all about living life on your own terms and not needing anyone's advice. Big Baby Tape is truly a trendsetter, flaunting his jewelry, putting VVS diamonds on his bracelet because, you know, that's what really matters in life. And of course, he reminds us that he was born and will die in Moscow – such deep geographical insight. ALBLAK 52 jumps in with bars like "I will be equally happy if I don't score, I'll give a pass" – alright then, glad to see the priorities are straight. And how can we forget the iconic line "They're from another planet, we have a horse, they have a Pegasus" – truly a mind-blowing metaphor right there. Ultimately, this song is a tribute to dreaming big, even if it means changing your couch for a bed. Oh, the profound wisdom that exists within these lyrics.

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