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Song meaning of RIP Trappa by Big Baby Tape

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Song meaning for RIP Trappa by Big Baby Tape

"RIP Trappa" by Big Baby Tape is a trap-infused hip-hop track that showcases the artist's lavish lifestyle and his determination to succeed in the music industry. The song opens with a catchy intro that sets the tone for the rest of the track. The lyrics in the chorus emphasize the artist's gratitude for waking up every morning, considering it a blessing. He also mentions the need to secure a bag, referring to making money, and confidently states that he will take someone's main girl.

In the verses, Big Baby Tape compares himself to iconic characters from the TV show "Breaking Bad," Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, highlighting his own rise to prominence in the rap game. He boasts about carrying a strap, a slang term for a gun, and warns others that his crew will come after them if they cross him. The artist also references his trap house, a location where drugs are sold, and describes it as being on fire, symbolizing his success and dominance in the trap music scene.

Throughout the song, Big Baby Tape exudes confidence and a fearless attitude, claiming that no one can kill him or change him. He questions why he shines so brightly and admits to being afraid of the darkness, but his bling, represented by his "bruyliki" (jewelry), dazzles and blinds others. The artist brags about his sexual conquests, stating that he sleeps with many women but only wears glasses around them, implying that he is selective about who he spends time with.

The chorus repeats, emphasizing the artist's desire to live like a hoodrich individual and die like one too, further solidifying his commitment to his lifestyle. The outro reinforces this sentiment, with Big Baby Tape repeating the phrase "hoodrich" and expressing his intention to take someone's main girl once again.

Overall, "RIP Trappa" is a song that showcases Big Baby Tape's confidence, wealth, and determination to succeed in the trap music scene. The lyrics paint a picture of a flashy and extravagant lifestyle, while also highlighting the artist's resilience and refusal to conform to societal norms.

Funny song meaning for RIP Trappa by Big Baby Tape

Ah, "RIP Trappa" by Big Baby Tape, huh? Well, it seems like our boy Big Baby Tape is living his best trap life, and he's not afraid to let us all know about it. He wakes up in the morning, feeling blessed because he's got some serious baggage to collect. And of course, he's gonna steal your main chick along the way because that's just how he rolls. Living like a hoodrich king and dying like one too, that's his motto. He compares himself to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, but in the trap game. And sorry, he can't apologize to anyone because he's too busy flexing with his COD (cash on delivery) and his loyal strap by his side. So, if you mess with him, just dial 102 or 103, because his whole crew will jump on your back, no, seriously. He's all about that trap house life, cooking up fire on the stove, making bank and making heads turn. His jewels are blinding, like seriously, you might wanna grab your sunglasses before looking at him. He fucks all the ladies in the daylight but still wears glasses around them, maybe as a fashion statement or vision protection, who knows? He's a trap star, putting NBA stars to shame with his game. And he's proud of all the bad bitches he's been with, so proud that he's gonna take them shopping, even though he won't drink or smoke with them. Trappa, RIP, you'll be missed. But don't worry, he'll keep living that hoodrich life, waking up in the morning feeling blessed, collecting bags, stealing your chick, and shining brighter than anyone else. You go, Big Baby Tape, you go.

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