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Song meaning of Wake And Bake by Big Baby Tape

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Song meaning for Wake And Bake by Big Baby Tape

"Wake And Bake" by Big Baby Tape is a rap song that explores themes of indulgence, confidence, and materialism. The lyrics depict a lifestyle of excess and self-assuredness, with the artist boasting about his wealth, power, and influence.

The song opens with the repeated phrase "wake and bake," which refers to the act of waking up and immediately smoking marijuana. This sets the tone for the rest of the track, as the artist embraces a carefree and hedonistic lifestyle. The chorus reinforces this attitude, with references to popular video game characters and a declaration that the artist doesn't need a break from his extravagant lifestyle.

In the first verse, Big Baby Tape continues to flaunt his wealth and dominance. He compares himself to a parallelepiped, a three-dimensional shape, suggesting that he is solid and unyielding. He also references Xzibit, a rapper known for his extravagant car modifications, implying that he can "upgrade" women just as Xzibit upgraded cars on the TV show "Pimp My Ride." The verse is filled with aggressive and boastful imagery, emphasizing the artist's confidence and power.

The second verse delves further into Big Baby Tape's extravagant lifestyle. He describes himself as both an angel and a demon, suggesting a duality in his character. He boasts about his ability to attract women, regardless of their relationship status, and his penchant for material possessions, such as expensive watches. The lyrics also touch on themes of deception and manipulation, as the artist brags about using women for his own pleasure and discarding them afterwards.

Overall, "Wake And Bake" is a song that celebrates excess, confidence, and materialism. It portrays a lifestyle of indulgence and self-assuredness, with the artist reveling in his wealth and power. The lyrics may be seen as a reflection of contemporary rap culture, where flaunting material possessions and living a lavish lifestyle are often glorified.

Funny song meaning for Wake And Bake by Big Baby Tape

Ah, "Wake And Bake" by Big Baby Tape, a lyrical masterpiece that explores the deep philosophical questions of our existence. "Wake and bake," a phrase that beautifully symbolizes the simplicity of life. A gentle reminder to wake up, embrace the day, and bake some delicious goodies. It's like a wake-up call to your taste buds, an alarm clock for your stomach, if you will. The song takes us on a journey where Big Baby Tape advocates for the art of baking and urges everyone to tap into their inner pastry chef. He effortlessly convinces us to set aside our worries and responsibilities and focus on the true purpose of life: baking. Because why work, hustle, and strive for success when you can just wake up every morning and bake? It's a sweet and simple philosophy that certainly deserves some appreciation. So grab your aprons, folks, and let's wake and bake our way to enlightenment while munching on some freshly baked treats. Bon appétit!

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