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Song meaning of Lágrimas CROSSOVER #4 by Big One, TINI & BM

Big One, TINI & BM


Song meaning for Lágrimas CROSSOVER #4 by Big One, TINI & BM

"Lágrimas CROSSOVER #4" is a collaboration between Big One, TINI, and BM, and it showcases a mix of Latin pop and urban sounds. The song delves into the emotions and aftermath of a failed relationship, with each artist expressing their feelings and experiences.

The song begins with TINI's intro, where she addresses the lack of reciprocity in the relationship. She sings about how she loved her partner deeply but regrets it now. Despite this, her partner continues to play games and ask questions, even though they already know the answers. TINI asserts herself, stating that she enjoys being the victim but now she's the one who has won the bet.

The chorus, performed by TINI, reflects on the tears shed in the past. She confesses that she saw her ex-partner with someone else but couldn't understand what made her fall in love with them in the first place. TINI admits that she doesn't know what happened to her, but her last tear is no longer for her ex-partner, even if it hurts them.

BM takes over in the first verse, addressing his ex-partner as a "bandida" who ended up hurt because of their secret love affair. He acknowledges that she knew what she was getting into but didn't care because she's unfaithful and only seeks physical pleasure. BM states that he won't respond to her anymore, as he is now with someone else while she is with another man. However, if she ever wants to come back, he will tell her the truth.

In the second verse, TINI reflects on the memories of their relationship, comparing it to a puzzle piece that no longer fits. She used to be on top, but now she feels brought down. TINI refers to her ex-partner as her "Phillie," a term of endearment, but now they no longer provide her with relaxation. She mentions how they both hurt each other, but she managed to move on and even got involved with the person her ex-partner cheated on her with.

The bridge sung by TINI and BM highlights how they used to love each other, but now they blame each other for their current situation.

The chorus is repeated, this time with BM joining TINI. They both toast to the tears shed in the past and express their confusion about what made them fall in love with their ex-partner. However, they assert that their last tear is no longer for them.

The song concludes with BM and TINI declaring their presence once again, representing Argentina in the music scene. They emphasize that their last tear is no longer for their ex-partner, solidifying their growth and moving forward from the failed relationship.

Funny song meaning for Lágrimas CROSSOVER #4 by Big One, TINI & BM

Ah, the lyrical masterpiece that is "Lágrimas CROSSOVER #4" by Big One, TINI & BM. It's like a Shakespearean tragedy mixed with a modern-day telenovela, sprinkled with some heavy sarcasm. TINI starts by reminiscing about all the times she was there for this person, only to be left hanging when she needed them. Classic case of one-sided love, folks. And then she drops the bomb of truth, saying this person loves playing the victim card but already knows the answers to their own questions. Bravo! But wait, there's more! BM comes in with his smooth operator vibes, calling this person out for being a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater. He even gifted them a thousand roses! But surprise, surprise, they turned out to be a total fraud. Can't trust 'em tears anymore, can we? TINI adds her own spicy flavor to the mix, saying she packed up all their memories in a box because they just don't fit anymore. Ouch! It seems like she used to be on top, but now she's feeling low because they messed things up. But fear not, she found solace in someone else's arms when they left. Talk about a rebound, honey! In the end, they clink their glasses to celebrate the tears of the past, because hey, those tears ain't meant for the person who screwed everything up. And with a final "Argentina está en la casa otra vez," they let you know that this is some serious business, my friends. So grab your tissues, put on your dancing shoes, and let the savage journey begin!

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