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Finesse Remix By Bossman Dlow Ft Glorilla

Song meaning of Finesse (Remix) by BossMan DLow (Ft. GloRilla)

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Song meaning for Finesse (Remix) by BossMan DLow (Ft. GloRilla)

"Finesse (Remix)" by BossMan DLow featuring GloRilla is a gritty and raw track that delves into the world of street life and hustling. The song's chorus sets the tone, with BossMan DLow confidently proclaiming his ability to make the dope stretch and teach finesse, emphasizing his focus on securing his bag and demanding respect from those around him. The repeated references to trap booming and being a pack mover highlight the hustle and grind mentality prevalent throughout the lyrics.

In the first verse, BossMan DLow reflects on his past, recalling breaking into houses and now boasting about having stacks of cash in a fanny pack. He showcases his street smarts and resourcefulness, mentioning handling a nine-piece and emphasizing the importance of keeping it real and standing by one's word. The references to designer clothes and evading law enforcement paint a picture of a lifestyle filled with risk and reward.

GloRilla's verse adds another layer to the narrative, with a focus on asserting dominance and calling out fake individuals. She confidently asserts her prowess, stating she can make her throat stretch and make a mess, showcasing her own finesse and power in the game. The lyrics touch on themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the harsh realities of street life, with a touch of dark humor and bravado.

Overall, "Finesse (Remix)" is a hard-hitting track that offers a glimpse into the world of hustling, survival, and the pursuit of success in a challenging environment. The lyrics convey a sense of confidence, resilience, and a willingness to do what it takes to come out on top in a competitive and unforgiving world.

Funny song meaning for Finesse (Remix) by BossMan DLow (Ft. GloRilla)

Oh, boy, listen up y'all, we got BossMan DLow out here acting like he's the professor of drug-dealing finesse and weight losing expertise! I mean, forget about getting a degree in business or fitness, just hit up BossMan DLow for that top-notch education on how to make that dope stretch and drop those pounds while moving packs like a champ. And let's not forget GloRilla stepping in with some major girl power, calling out those shady hoes who can't even compete in the losing game. It's like a dysfunctional circus of trap music with a touch of comedy – like who needs a reality show when you've got these lyrics? So next time you need a good laugh and some questionable life advice, just blast this song and remember, mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who that b*tch is! Bravo, BossMan DLow, bravo!

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