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Song meaning of CONSCIENCE by City Morgue

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Song meaning for CONSCIENCE by City Morgue

"CONSCIENCE" by City Morgue delves into themes of revenge, inner turmoil, and the need for redemption. The song opens with ZillaKami expressing a desire to settle scores and seek retribution, as evidenced by the lines "Going one-for-one, eye for an eye." This sets the tone for a narrative centered around seeking justice and balancing the scales of wrongdoing. The repetition of the word "Pain" in the chorus underscores the emotional weight and burden carried by the protagonist, hinting at a troubled conscience that needs to be addressed.

ZillaKami's verses paint a vivid picture of a life filled with violence and disregard for consequences. References to pacemakers, knives, and battleships symbolize the destructive nature of the protagonist's actions and mindset. The line "Lookin' at my life, know I don't give no fucks" reflects a sense of detachment and defiance, suggesting a lack of remorse for past actions. The imagery of scratching skin and a head full of hatred further emphasizes the internal struggle and turmoil faced by the character.

SosMula's verse adds another layer to the narrative, with lines like "I ain't got a clear head" and "Fuck America, we don't fear feds" highlighting a sense of defiance and rebellion against authority. The references to chopping heads off and leaving a room covered in blood paint a grim picture of violence and chaos, showcasing a lack of regard for consequences or societal norms.

Overall, "CONSCIENCE" by City Morgue is a dark and intense exploration of the consequences of one's actions, the weight of guilt and the search for redemption. The song's raw and aggressive lyrics, coupled with its haunting production, create a visceral listening experience that delves deep into the complexities of human nature and morality.

Funny song meaning for CONSCIENCE by City Morgue

Oh, well isn't "CONSCIENCE" by City Morgue just a delightful ballad about self-reflection and inner peace? I mean, who wouldn't feel compelled to clear their conscience after listening to lyrics about pacemakers, knives, granny on crutches, and kicking down doors with dreadheads? It's like a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy, except with more references to Jell-O and red beds. And let's not forget the profound social commentary on fear feds and dead presidents, truly touching stuff. So, if you ever find yourself in need of a musical cleanse for your soul, just blast this song and let the healing power of pain and aggression wash over you like a tsunami of catharsis.

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