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Song meaning of CRANK by City Morgue

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Song meaning for CRANK by City Morgue

"CRANK" by City Morgue is a gritty and aggressive track that delves into themes of violence, power, and confrontation. The song opens with ZillaKami referencing his destructive capabilities, likening himself to Godzilla who can easily destroy everything in his path. The lyrics "Godzilla isn't safe from huffin' and puffin' and blowin' your house away" and "Life is temporary, every day you should be thanking me" suggest a sense of dominance and a lack of regard for consequences.

ZillaKami's verses are filled with vivid imagery of chaos and aggression, such as revving up a chainsaw and battling demons like the character Guts from the manga series Berserk. The lines "Be insane like I'm revvin' up a chainsaw" and "Fight 'em off like Guts with his arm off" highlight the intensity and ferocity of the narrator's mindset.

SosMula's verse adds to the confrontational tone of the song, with references to violence and criminal activities. The lyrics "Big bad wolf, big bad wolf" and "Got cocaine, got crack cooked" paint a picture of a dangerous and reckless lifestyle. The mention of the Yakuza, True Religion, and Kim Jong further emphasize a sense of lawlessness and disregard for authority.

Overall, "CRANK" by City Morgue is a raw and intense track that explores themes of power, aggression, and rebellion. The lyrics and delivery of the song create a dark and chaotic atmosphere, reflecting the artists' unapologetic and confrontational approach to their music.

Funny song meaning for CRANK by City Morgue

Ah, "CRANK" by City Morgue, a modern-day ode to being as aggressive and chaotic as possible, set to a backdrop of heavy beats and a whole lot of "what the heck did they just say?". ZillaKami comes in like a wrecking ball, warning Godzilla that even he isn't safe from the sheer madness about to go down. Life is temporary, so you better thank your lucky stars that ZillaKami hasn't shown up at your doorstep with a chainsaw revving like a crazy lumberjack on steroids. SosMula jumps in with a verse that's a mix of nursery rhyme references and violent threats, because why not? Dog, if you thought you were dealing with the big bad wolf before, think again, because now we've got MACs, chains being snatched, and a whole lot of things getting smoked. It's like a wild ride through a rap battle in a fever dream, and hey, who doesn't love a little chaos with their music, am I right? Just remember, if you ever find yourself in a Yakuza-themed nightmare, better hope you're wearing your True Religion boots and ready to firebomb like Kim Jong. Ahaha, bring on the war, folks, because sometimes you just gotta crank up the crazy and let it all out on the dance floor!

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