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Song meaning of EVERYTHING IS BROKEN by City Morgue

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Song meaning for EVERYTHING IS BROKEN by City Morgue

"Everything is Broken" by City Morgue delves into themes of struggle, despair, and a sense of hopelessness in the face of adversity. The song opens with ZillaKami reflecting on his near-death experiences and the challenges he has faced, painting a picture of someone who has been through intense battles both physically and emotionally. Lines like "How can I see when there's blood in my eye?" and "How can I sleep with nowhere to call home?" convey a sense of disorientation and instability in his life.

The chorus, with the repeated lines "And everything is frozen, And everything is broken, Blow my brain out, free me, Come and Kennedy me," suggests a desire for release from the pain and turmoil that the speakers are experiencing. The reference to being "Kennedy'd" alludes to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, symbolizing a violent and sudden end.

SosMula's verse adds another layer to the song, with references to a troubled family background and a life filled with violence and drug abuse. Lines like "Mama, she a whore, dad a drug addict" and "Kill myself, go back to jail" paint a bleak picture of a life filled with trauma and self-destructive tendencies.

Overall, "Everything is Broken" by City Morgue is a raw and gritty exploration of the darker aspects of life, touching on themes of trauma, addiction, and the struggle to find meaning and purpose in a world that feels broken and frozen. The lyrics convey a sense of desperation and a longing for escape from the pain and suffering that the speakers are enduring.

Funny song meaning for EVERYTHING IS BROKEN by City Morgue

Ah, "Everything is Broken" by City Morgue, a lyrical masterpiece that's like a chaotic rollercoaster ride through a nightmare carnival. ZillaKami and SosMula are serving up some Grade-A angst, with Zilla contemplating life's deep questions like "How can I see with blood in my eye?" You know, just the usual everyday struggles. And then we have SosMula hitting us with some family drama, claiming his mama's a whore and his dad's a drug addict, which explains his affinity for Thug's Passion cocktails. The chorus screams "Blow my brain out, free me, Come and Kennedy me!" I mean, forget therapy, these guys are ready to reenact a history-altering presidential assassination. So, if you're in the mood for a song that makes you question your entire existence while simultaneously wanting to start a revolution, City Morgue has got you covered, folks.

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