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Song meaning of FUKK DAT by City Morgue

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Song meaning for FUKK DAT by City Morgue

The song "FUKK DAT" by City Morgue is a gritty and aggressive track that delves into themes of violence, defiance, and a general disregard for societal norms. The chorus, repeated throughout the song, sets the tone with the lines "No way, no way, no way, no way / Fuck that, fuck that / Nah, nigga, fuck that." This repetition emphasizes a strong sense of rebellion and a refusal to conform to expectations.

In the first verse, ZillaKami raps about feeling the pain of betrayal and mediocrity, as he metaphorically describes "hammering nails in my back" while observing others who are "wack" and unimpressive. The lyrics "You got a gun? Congrats / Hope you use it when we pass" suggest a nihilistic attitude towards violence and a willingness to confront threats head-on. ZillaKami's aggressive delivery and blunt lyrics convey a sense of anger and frustration with the world around him.

SosMula's verse adds to the dark and menacing atmosphere of the song, with references to shooting, killing, and being a "super villain." Lines like "Cooking the crack with the Montega / Serve fiends raw in y'all sector" paint a vivid picture of criminal activity and a dangerous lifestyle. The imagery of holding a "rocket launcher up" and "beat you dead, stomp you up" further reinforces the themes of violence and aggression present in the song.

Overall, "FUKK DAT" by City Morgue is a raw and intense track that explores themes of defiance, violence, and a rejection of societal norms. The aggressive delivery and dark lyrics create a sense of rebellion and chaos, making it a standout track for fans of hardcore rap and gritty storytelling.

Funny song meaning for FUKK DAT by City Morgue

Oh, "FUKK DAT" by City Morgue, a song that truly captures the essence of hammering nails in your back while watching wack rappers with guns. The kind of track that makes you go, "Wait, what in the murderous mayhem is this?" ZillaKami and SosMula really out here sounding like they just left a supervillain convention, boasting about shooting, killing, and serving fiends raw like it's the menu at a twisted fast food joint. It's a musical experience that'll make you question your life choices and wonder if you need a rocket launcher to properly navigate the mean streets of your neighborhood. So, next time you're feeling overwhelmed, just remember ZillaKami's wise words, "No way, no way, no way, no way... Fuck that, fuck that! Nah, nigga, F**K THAT!" A lyrical masterpiece that truly makes you rethink your entire existence.

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