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Song meaning of Yellow by Coldplay



Song meaning for Yellow by Coldplay

"Yellow" by Coldplay is a love song that describes the singer's devotion to his lover. The song's title refers to the color yellow, which symbolizes happiness and optimism. The lyrics describe the singer's admiration for his lover's beauty and how he would do anything for her, even if it means sacrificing himself. The chorus emphasizes the singer's love for his lover's physical appearance and how it transforms into something beautiful. The song's bridge and outro highlight the beauty of the stars and how they shine for the singer's lover, emphasizing the depth of his love and devotion. Overall, "Yellow" is a heartfelt love song that celebrates the beauty of love and the power of devotion.

Funny song meaning for Yellow by Coldplay

Oh, Coldplay, you beautiful optimists, with your song that is so yellow it’s practically blinding. Look at the stars shine for you? Yeah, right. You know who probably thinks that? A kookaburra sitting in a tree. And why is everything yellow? Did someone dump a bunch of paint everywhere? Or is this just a strange manifestation of Chris Martin’s undying love? Speaking of which, he even swam and drew lines for his beloved. I mean, that’s dedication, but also sounds like a scene from a romantic comedy. And don’t even get me started on bleeding himself dry for someone. That’s not love, that’s a medical emergency. But hey, at least the stars are still shining, right?

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