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Freestyle Nouvelle Ecole By Crystal Nouvelle Ecole

Song meaning of Freestyle Nouvelle école by Crystal (Nouvelle école)

Crystal (Nouvelle école)


Song meaning for Freestyle Nouvelle école by Crystal (Nouvelle école)

"Freestyle Nouvelle école" by Crystal is a French rap song that showcases the artist's confident and assertive personality. The lyrics talk about her pursuit of money and success, as well as her ability to outshine her competition. Crystal boasts about her skills in bed and on the soccer field, while also dismissing those who try to bring her down. She references pop culture icons like Rihanna and the song "Señorita," and ends the song with a declaration of her future domination in the music industry. Overall, the song is a bold and energetic display of Crystal's talent and ambition.

Funny song meaning for Freestyle Nouvelle école by Crystal (Nouvelle école)

Ah, Crystal, the queen of nouveau école rap. Let's break down this freestyle, shall we? First off, she's running after the money while her man is running after her- what kind of messed up game of chase is this? Then she's talking about Igo spreading his legs like butter and scoring, but who wants to think about spreading legs during a rap song? And don't even get me started on the Riri reference- is Crystal trying to be a bad girl or is she just really into umbrellas? And is she speaking French or Lingala? I don't even know anymore. But the real kicker is when she talks about the enemies of her friends- is she just going around sleeping with her friend's enemies for shits and giggles? Crystal, girl, get your priorities straight. And if you think 2023 is the year you're going to "baiser" everything, then I've got a bridge to sell you. Tchey*tchip* indeed.

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