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Song meaning of 100 Million by DIVINE & Karan Aujla

DIVINE & Karan Aujla


Song meaning for 100 Million by DIVINE & Karan Aujla

The song "100 Million" by DIVINE & Karan Aujla is a collaboration between two prominent artists in the Indian music industry. The lyrics of the song revolve around themes of wealth, success, and the struggles faced by individuals in pursuit of their dreams.

In the chorus, DIVINE sings, "बोले एक खोखा दो (Aye) दो खोखा चार (चार) बीस काली गाड़ी, सौ बंदे मेरे साथ, on a low (On a low)." Here, the term "खोखा" refers to money, and DIVINE emphasizes the desire for more wealth and success. He talks about having twenty black cars and a hundred people with him, but keeping a low profile. This suggests that despite achieving great success, he prefers to remain humble and grounded.

In the first verse, Karan Aujla reflects on his journey from Dubai to Colombia, highlighting the international recognition he has gained. He mentions that people think he earns a lot of money, but he questions whether his earnings are truly significant. Karan Aujla also mentions his slow and steady approach to success, emphasizing the importance of hard work and perseverance.

DIVINE takes over in the second verse, boasting about his achievements and unique style. He mentions his preference for all-black attire and his ability to make money while staying true to his roots. DIVINE also references his expensive lifestyle and the action-packed nature of his life, comparing it to a South Indian film. He further asserts his dominance in the industry, stating that despite not getting married or doing shows, he still has a lot of cash.

The outro of the song repeats the phrase "बोले एक खोखा दो दो खोखा चार," emphasizing the desire for more wealth and success. The lyrics also mention counting money in increments of ten, fifty, and a hundred, further emphasizing the accumulation of wealth.

Overall, "100 Million" explores the pursuit of success and the materialistic aspirations that come with it. The song highlights the artists' achievements and their ability to make money while staying true to their roots. It also serves as a celebration of their journey and the struggles they have overcome to reach their current level of success.

Funny song meaning for 100 Million by DIVINE & Karan Aujla

Ah, the song "100 Million" by DIVINE and Karan Aujla. Let me indulge you in my delightfully satirical interpretation of this masterpiece. Now, here's the thing, my dear listener, these two artists seem to have an obsession with numbers, particularly millions. With lines like "One million, two million, three million, four, let's keep 'em coming," it's clear that they have big money dreams, or maybe just enjoy counting to high numbers. Oh, and let's not forget about their extravagant lifestyles! From Dubai to Colombia, they seem to have a serious case of wanderlust, fueled by their desire to flaunt their wealth in every corner of the world. But wait, there's more! They claim to be from the hood, representing the true essence of authentic rap, but their excessive flexing and flashy lyrics make us question their credibility. And don't even get me started on their obsession with cars and fashion. It's like they believe that money can buy them taste, but hey, we all know that's not how it works. So, in summary, "100 Million" is a song that showcases the hilariously exaggerated dreams and desires of two artists who may be living in a parallel universe where money magically equals talent and authenticity. Bravo, gentlemen, bravo.

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