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Song meaning of 3DABI by Draganov



Song meaning for 3DABI by Draganov

The song "3DABI" by Draganov explores themes of deception and betrayal in relationships. The lyrics depict the artist's experiences with individuals who pretend to be loyal and trustworthy, but ultimately prove to be dishonest. Draganov questions the authenticity of those around him, wondering who is truly on his side and who is responsible for his pain. The song also touches on the artist's resilience and determination to protect his heart from further harm. Overall, "3DABI" delves into the complexities of human relationships and the need for genuine connections.

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Ah, the profound and philosophical masterpiece that is "3DABI" by Draganov. Let me break it down for you, because this lyrical rollercoaster is quite the ride. In the first verse, we find Draganov living in a parallel universe, where he's all about that caramel-flavored life. Forget about parameters or goals, he just wants his share of the cents. Every day he's feeling like a vinyl record, spinning in circles, but don't worry, this party is far from over. He embraces his haters, parties all night, and greets you with a casual "coucou." Moving on to the second verse, he claims not to care about trophies while subtly drowning in money, and he's all about that Moroccan rap, even if it smells a little funky. He's solid, no matter what, even during a pandemic, and he's got a phobia of bases, probably because they remind him of his childhood when he couldn't count properly. Basically, he's living like Tarzan, feeling all grown up, and leaving behind his childish ways. And just when you think it's over, he reiterates the same questions about who's real and who's fake, reminding us that his heart is clean and it's Allah who knows him best. So, if you weren't already convinced of the deep complexities of this song, now you know. Draganov is a modern-day philosopher, mixing sweet tunes with thought-provoking lyrics that will leave you questioning the very essence of existence itself. You're welcome.

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