Skies Parted Got My Own Coming By Drake

Song meaning of Skies Parted (Got My Own Coming)* by Drake



Song meaning for Skies Parted (Got My Own Coming)* by Drake

"Skies Parted (Got My Own Coming)" is a powerful and introspective track by Drake that delves into his personal journey and the struggles he faced on his path to success. The song begins with Drake reflecting on his humble beginnings, expressing that he never imagined achieving the immense success he has today. He acknowledges that his initial motivation was to provide for his family and loved ones, emphasizing his desire to uplift them from their circumstances.

As the song progresses, Drake opens up about his experiences with substance abuse, revealing that he turned to drugs as a coping mechanism. However, he quickly realized that this was not a sustainable solution and decided to refocus his energy on more positive endeavors. This shift in mindset is symbolized by the line "And the skies parted and I saw an opening," suggesting that Drake found a new path to follow.

The lyrics also touch upon Drake's educational journey, expressing regret for not being able to graduate and experience the traditional milestones associated with education, such as a homecoming celebration. Despite this setback, Drake remains resilient and determined, stating that he refuses to rely on anyone else for financial support. The line "Couldn't take money from nobody, got my own coming" showcases his independence and self-reliance.

Overall, "Skies Parted (Got My Own Coming)" is a deeply personal and reflective song that highlights Drake's growth and resilience. It explores themes of ambition, family, overcoming obstacles, and finding one's own path to success. Through his introspective lyrics, Drake invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys and find strength in their own personal growth.

Funny song meaning for Skies Parted (Got My Own Coming)* by Drake

Ah, "Skies Parted (Got My Own Coming)" by Drake, where he delves into the struggles of being an incredibly successful rapper. You see, Drake never dreamt of swimming in seven-hundred million dollars when he wrote this shit. No, his desires were much more modest – he just wanted some quick cash from his mom and bros. But then, oh my, the skies parted, and Drake had an epiphany. He thought maybe he could drown his sorrows in drugs, but alas, it didn't work out. Poor Drake, always trying to find solace in substances. And oh, by the way, he never got to graduate or attend a homecoming because he was too busy chasing fame and fortune. But you know what? He doesn't need anyone's money. No, sir! Drake's got his own coming. He may have entered this world alone, but he sure as hell isn't expecting a loan now. Such independence, such resilience. Bravo, Drake! Bravo!

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