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Song meaning of What Would Pluto Do (Original) by Drake



Song meaning for What Would Pluto Do (Original) by Drake

"What Would Pluto Do (Original)" by Drake is a song that delves into the artist's personal experiences and emotions. The lyrics provide a glimpse into Drake's mindset as he reflects on his past actions and contemplates his future. The chorus sets the tone, with Drake questioning what he should do in certain situations, possibly referring to the influence of the planet Pluto, which is often associated with transformation and rebirth.

In the first verse, Drake acknowledges that he is reverting back to his old ways, despite someone close to him expressing their disapproval. This suggests a conflict between his personal desires and the expectations of those around him. He also mentions his predictions about life coming true, possibly indicating a sense of self-awareness and foresight.

The lyrics take a more introspective turn in the second verse, as Drake talks about taking risks and the absence of a weapon. He mentions his child, Adonis, and the desire for him to have a sister, hinting at his personal life and the complexities of his relationships. Drake also addresses the perception of his wealth, suggesting that some people believe he is part of the Illuminati due to his success.

The third verse touches on Drake's romantic endeavors, as he talks about sliding into someone's "box" like a vote and trying to uncover the truth about their involvement with someone he knows. This section showcases Drake's vulnerability and his willingness to confront difficult situations in his personal life.

Overall, "What Would Pluto Do (Original)" offers a glimpse into Drake's thoughts and emotions, exploring themes of self-reflection, personal relationships, and the challenges that come with fame and success. The lyrics provide a raw and introspective look into the artist's mindset, inviting listeners to connect with his experiences on a deeper level.

Funny song meaning for What Would Pluto Do (Original) by Drake

Ah, yes, the literary masterpiece that is "What Would Pluto Do" by the one and only Drake. Now, let's dive into this lyrical rollercoaster, shall we? In the chorus, Drake ponders the age-old question of what Pluto, the former planet, would do in certain situations. Deep stuff, truly deep. Moving on to verse one, Drake reflects on his old ways, apparently dropping Cialis pills in some mysterious liquid. Is that how he envisions a good time? Risking it all without a strap and wanting Adonis to have a sister? Intriguing. Oh, and his baby mama is out of the picture, which I assume is a puzzle he received as a birthday gift. Illuminati rumors flying around, because naturally, being rich automatically means you're in a secret society controlling the world. In verse two, things get slightly more cryptic, with mentions of blue bubbles turning grey, trading people like trading cards, and someone changing out an arena like a glizzy-wielding magician. It's becoming impossible to decipher the true meaning here, but let's not lose hope just yet. Finally, in verse three, Drake boldly declares his intentions to "slide in your box like a vote." Well, that's one way to pick up a date. And apparently, he's not pleased that you're messing with someone he knows. So, there you have it, folks, a lyrical journey through the mind of Drake that leaves us with more questions than answers. But hey, who needs clarity when we can bask in the absurdity of it all? Bravo, Drake, bravo.

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