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Song meaning of CP by Faberge (Ft. Đorđe & Venok)



Song meaning for CP by Faberge (Ft. Đorđe & Venok)

The song "CP" by Faberge featuring Venok and Đorđe is a powerful and introspective track that delves into themes of loyalty, survival, and the struggles of navigating through life in a harsh environment. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the artists' experiences and perspectives, showcasing their deep understanding of the streets and the challenges they face.

In the first verse, Faberge sets the tone with lines like "Kapuljača - CP (Company)" which symbolizes the sense of belonging and unity within their circle. He expresses a desire to escape to Zurich, a city that represents a better life, but acknowledges that the fire within him keeps him tied to his roots. The mention of "eskimi" refers to his close friends and associates who are always by his side, even in difficult times. The lyrics also touch upon the struggles of growing up in a place where everyone wants everything, and the peace that comes with a temporary truce.

Venok takes over in the second verse, emphasizing the importance of staying cautious and locking doors in a dangerous environment like Banja Luka. He references the scars of war and the aesthetics of Dayton, highlighting the contrast between the violence and the aspiration for luxury. The lyrics also mention the trio's financial struggles and their detachment from the Kuku$ima crew, emphasizing their independence and refusal to compromise their integrity. Venok's verses are filled with wordplay and metaphors, showcasing his lyrical prowess.

Đorđe concludes the song with a verse that reflects his unique perspective and experiences. He compares himself to a ghost, moving through the city unnoticed, and references his expensive taste and occasional foolishness. He dismisses the need for public relations and fame, asserting that he is already well-compensated for his work. Đorđe also touches upon his nomadic lifestyle, adapting to different environments effortlessly, and his refusal to conform to trends or societal expectations. He proudly proclaims himself as the only rapper in Serbia who can sustain a living solely from his craft.

Overall, "CP" is a thought-provoking song that showcases the artists' deep understanding of their surroundings and their ability to convey complex emotions through their lyrics. The track explores themes of loyalty, survival, and the pursuit of individuality in a world that often tries to mold people into a certain image.

Funny song meaning for CP by Faberge (Ft. Đorđe & Venok)

Oh honey, let me break down this song "CP" by Faberge (feat. Venok & Đorđe) for you. So, in this masterpiece, Faberge starts off by saying he's always ready for some serious Siberian vibes, but you know what? He'd rather be chilling in Zurich because he's got a mental flow going on. Where there's fire, there's smoke, and where there's smoke, there are his Eskimos. And guess what? His boys in blue have a CV (criminal record) in every city, they're famous for all the wrong reasons, darling. Forget about Birmingham, they're coming straight from the pub! They've grown up where everyone wants everything, but peace is only possible when there's a truce. Succeeding is hard, especially when you have the wrong colors and a knife stuck to ya. Civil damages, murals, and walls, honey, it's all about bribery and corruption, how do you live like that? They're dancing the waltz with the devil, and you either become prey or the hunter. They dream of charters, Eurosport, and Eurobands. They're connecting brothers like a subway. And oh, a lady appears in his apartment, what his eyes see, they don't forget. Wowza!

Now, Venok jumps in with his wild hoodie, talking about drama, noise, and the scent of weed. He's crazier than his ancestors, but shh, he won't spill all the places they've been. He's always wary of enemies, so lock those doors, babe! Banja Luka is like the Wild West, bullet holes and all, they're saving up for a Maybach. He's hanging out with the gypsies, feeling like a Kusturica movie. Shooters crazier than Gudurić, they're all about giving away their income, just not connected to those Kuku$ guys, darling. While they plow through the crowd to get those dinars, he's alone, without any change. Things might be getting worse, but that's the sound of the deep. His victories will be remembered by his grandchildren, darling, too much dreaming, always aiming for those premiums. Looking at his numbers makes him sleep happier, but he can't find balance until the glass overflows. Oh, there's so much crap going on, he's careful where he puts his reputation. His vultures have survived everything, tensions make golden summaries, darling.

Now, Đorđe joins the fun, talking about his Bathing Ape hoodie, how nobody sees him, he moves through the city like a ghost. He's expensive like Bellingham and dumb like Ed and Edd, especially when he puts wedding cake in his pocket. Kids from TikTok follow him like a cattle parade from Zadruga (a popular reality show in Serbia), thinking they know it all. But darling, he won't take pictures and pretend to be nice to everyone unless he gets those things in return. They tell him he jokes around and takes risks, but who gives a flying toss, darling? We don't need a PR team or fame when we're already getting paid properly. He's been changing places since he was a kid, always adapting in no time. He couldn't even imagine having a grand, but just the other day he scored a dozen in an hour. From dusk till dawn, he doesn't move around the same area, and he doesn't carry cash, just waiting for the right day. Because, honey, we know that one stroke of bad luck is enough, so he runs home to avoid trouble. He's traveled across the whole Balkans, with unhealthy habits not just once but twice. He's not selfish, he's not the only one, but when they pass him the mic, he doesn't pass it on. He disappears for years, and when he drops an album, it's the sixth in the world. Some fish tells him he should maybe visit a church, but honey, he'd rather take the loss. He doesn't see a reason, a way, or a chance to adapt to trendy kids. He's the only rapper in Serbia living off this, not eating bread and pâté, darling. Oh, the struggles of a stylish rapper, right?

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