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Song meaning of Absolutely Free (instrumental) by Frank Zappa

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Song meaning for Absolutely Free (instrumental) by Frank Zappa

"Absolutely Free" by Frank Zappa is an instrumental track that delves into the concept of liberation and freedom from societal constraints. The song opens with a dialogue between Suzy and Zappa, where Suzy expresses her refusal to engage in publicity stunts. Zappa then introduces the term "discorporate," which signifies a departure from the physical body and a journey into a realm of boundless possibilities.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a surreal landscape, with references to "velvet valleys and a sapphire sea" and "diamonds on velvets on goldens." These images evoke a sense of escapism and transcendence, urging the listener to unbind their mind and break free from the confines of everyday life. The repeated refrain of "Freedom, freedom, kindly loving / You'll be absolutely free / Only if you want to be" underscores the idea that true freedom is a choice that must be embraced willingly.

The dream-like quality of the song is further emphasized through references to "cushions of velvet and satin" and "strange purple Jell-O," creating a whimsical and fantastical atmosphere. The mention of "mellow yellow" suggests a state of peaceful contentment and harmony, inviting the listener to let go of their inhibitions and embrace a sense of liberation.

Overall, "Absolutely Free" by Frank Zappa is a musical journey that encourages listeners to break free from societal norms and embrace their innermost desires. Through its dreamy lyrics and ethereal soundscape, the song invites us to explore the boundless possibilities of the imagination and embrace a sense of absolute freedom.

Funny song meaning for Absolutely Free (instrumental) by Frank Zappa

Ah, the enigmatic word wizardry of Frank Zappa strikes again! In "Absolutely Free (instrumental)," Zappa basically tells us to ditch our earthly responsibilities, discard our corporate shackles, and embark on a psychedelic journey to a land of purple Jell-O dreams and mellow yellow vibes. He's like, "Hey Suzy, forget about doing PR for me, let's discorporate and groove together in velvet valleys and sapphire seas, because 'Flower Power' sucks, man!" It's a rebellious anthem for those brave souls who dare to break free from the constraints of society, lick their stamps of conformity, and paste them into the wild unknown. So, if you're ready to embrace freedom, kindness, and a whole lot of wah wah, then buckle up, buttercup, because Zappa is about to take you on a cosmic joyride to the land of the absolutely free!

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