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667 Pso By Leto Ft Freeze Corleone

Song meaning of 667 PSO* by Leto (Ft. Freeze Corleone)

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Song meaning for 667 PSO* by Leto (Ft. Freeze Corleone)

"667 PSO*" by Leto featuring Freeze Corleone is a gritty and intense track that delves into themes of street life, violence, and loyalty. The song opens with a powerful introduction setting the tone for the collaboration between the two artists. Freeze Corleone's verse showcases his prowess and confidence, referencing iconic figures like Corleone, Drogba, and Eto'o to convey a sense of power and control. Lines like "Avec le sang des prods, ça refait la déco', très rare si j'la mets à té-cô" illustrate a willingness to use violence to assert dominance and reshape the environment.

The chorus, delivered by Freeze Corleone and Leto, emphasizes the idea of action and reaction, likening their presence to a high-powered jet. The repetition of "Action, réaction, cons' plus de gaz qu'un avion à réaction" reinforces the idea of being constantly on the move and ready to respond to any threat. The mention of "encore un homicide" adds a dark and ominous undertone, suggesting a willingness to resort to extreme measures to protect their interests.

Leto's verse further explores the themes of accumulation of wealth through illicit means and the harsh realities of life in the hood. Lines like "Bifton j'accumule, badaboum, tu recules, souffrance, dans le hood" paint a picture of a relentless pursuit of money and power, even at the cost of causing pain and suffering. The references to brands like Louis Vuitton and the Range Rover highlight a desire for luxury and status, juxtaposed with the violence and danger that permeate their world.

Overall, "667 PSO*" is a hard-hitting track that offers a glimpse into the mindset of individuals navigating a dangerous and unforgiving environment. The lyrics, delivered with confidence and swagger, paint a vivid picture of a world where loyalty, violence, and ambition collide. The repeated references to action and reaction, coupled with the ominous imagery of death and homicide, create a sense of tension and urgency that drives the narrative of the song.

Funny song meaning for 667 PSO* by Leto (Ft. Freeze Corleone)

Ah, the lyrical masterpiece that is "667 PSO*" by Freeze Corleone. So, Captain Freeze and his crew are not messing around in this track, just throwing out more "paw paw" and "skurt skurt" than a cat chasing a laser pointer on a slippery floor. Freeze is all about flexing his wealth and street cred, comparing himself to Magneto and boasting about making million-dollar moves with a nonchalant attitude towards violence that would make Deadpool proud. Leto jumps in with his own contribution, talking about accumulating bifters and selling nothing but the finest 'pure' in the hood. The whole song is just a symphony of aggression, designer labels, and references to thoracic organ perforations that make you question if they're actually rapping or playing a violent game of Clue. So next time you're feeling fierce, just blast "667 PSO*" and pretend you're cruising in a Range Rover with Capitaine Freeze, leaving a trail of destruction and Louis Vuitton fumes in your wake. S/o the gang, s/o the factions, and remember to always cons' more gaz than an airplane at reaction, or something like that.

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