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667oo By Seven 7oo Ft Ashe 22 Dahirve Freeze Corleone Keta Sacky

Song meaning of 667OO by SEVEN 7oo (Ft. ASHE 22, Dahirvè, Freeze Corleone, Keta & Sacky)

Freeze Corleone


Song meaning for 667OO by SEVEN 7oo (Ft. ASHE 22, Dahirvè, Freeze Corleone, Keta & Sacky)

"667OO" by SEVEN 7oo featuring Freeze Corleone, Ashe 22, Keta, Sacky, and Dahirvè is a gritty and intense track that delves into themes of power, street life, and defiance. The song opens with Freeze Corleone setting the tone with references to violence and criminality, likening himself to a skilled assassin and showcasing his disregard for societal norms. Lines like "Double silencieux, Chen aka Mister Goodkat, dans Lucky Number Slevin" and "Fuck l'industrie, c'est les nouveaux champs d'cotons" paint a picture of a character who operates outside the law and is unapologetic about it.

Sacky's verse adds to the dark atmosphere of the song, with references to violence and a sense of detachment from morality. Lines such as "Sacky AKA opps-killer, T-Max black solo mille" and "Vis a vis coi miei demoni, dammeli" highlight a sense of nihilism and a willingness to embrace the darker aspects of life. The aggressive delivery and vivid imagery in Sacky's verse contribute to the overall edgy vibe of the track.

Dahirvè's chorus serves as a haunting refrain throughout the song, with cryptic references to technology, drugs, and rebellion. Lines like "Cripto b-t-c, promet c-m-d, prometazine g-p-s" and "Fuck Sanremo 2022" suggest a sense of disillusionment with mainstream culture and a desire to carve out a distinct identity outside of traditional norms.

Keta's verse adds a layer of complexity to the song, with references to scams, hacking, and a sense of paranoia. Lines like "Ho comprato un ferro coi soldi di ERROR" and "LG PC hackato, sto captando i segnali" hint at a character who is adept at navigating the darker corners of society and is constantly on guard against potential threats.

Ashe 22's verse brings a sense of urgency and determination to the track, with references to street life, resilience, and loyalty. Lines like "Pour un rien on sort le mouss mouss" and "J'rap comme si j'enchaîne v'la les tractions" showcase a character who is unafraid to confront challenges head-on and is fiercely loyal to their crew.

Overall, "667OO" is a hard-hitting track that explores themes of rebellion, power, and survival in a harsh and unforgiving world. The collaboration between SEVEN 7oo and the featured artists creates a dark and immersive listening experience that is sure to resonate with fans of gritty, underground hip-hop.

Funny song meaning for 667OO by SEVEN 7oo (Ft. ASHE 22, Dahirvè, Freeze Corleone, Keta & Sacky)

Ah, the lyrical masterpiece that is "667OO" by Freeze Corleone and his merry band of misfits. Let's break it down, shall we? Freeze Corleone starts off by casually mentioning he's shooting like Stephen, you know, just your average day in the life of a rapper. He then compares himself to a hitman from a movie and boasts about rolling blunts like he's got three arms. I mean, who needs two arms when you're a rap superstar, right? And let's not forget the deep philosophical ponderings about drinking, thinking, and spitting flames. Classic Corleone! Sacky jumps in with his killer alter ego and some Italian flair, dropping lines about sparking fireworks and making families cry (because why not add a touch of drama?). Dahirvè comes in with some cryptic talk about Bitcoin and scanning for viruses like he's the IT guy from hell. Keta joins the party with tales of scamming, hacking, and hanging out in bunkers with gas masks on. Just your typical day in the rap game, right? Ashe 22 wraps it up with a nod to selling drugs on the ski slopes (because, of course), throwing in some N'Golo Kanté references for good measure. And let's not forget the absolute gem of a chorus that talks about everything from crypto to San Siro to hating on the Sanremo festival. In conclusion, "667OO" is like a chaotic rap rollercoaster full of wild antics, questionable choices, and a whole lot of self-indulgent swagger. Bravo, Freeze Corleone and crew, bravo.

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