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Alarme By Freeze Corleone Ft Kaki Santana

Song meaning of Alarme by Freeze Corleone (Ft. Kaki Santana)

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Song meaning for Alarme by Freeze Corleone (Ft. Kaki Santana)

"Alarme" by Freeze Corleone featuring Kaki Santana is a powerful and intense track that delves into themes of rebellion, self-empowerment, and staying true to oneself in the face of adversity. The chorus, where Freeze Corleone repeats, "Négro j'ai consommé l'alarme" (translated to "I consumed the alarm"), sets the tone for the song, suggesting a sense of awakening and breaking free from societal constraints.

In the first verse, Freeze Corleone showcases his lyrical prowess by referencing his crew, the Secte-6, and their disruptive presence in the music industry. Lines like "J'arrive avec mes pirates pour les hacker" (translated to "I arrive with my pirates to hack them") and "J'fais ça pour l'cash, pour mes broskis" (translated to "I do this for the cash, for my broskis") highlight his dedication to his craft and loyalty to his inner circle.

Kaki Santana's verse adds another layer to the song, with lines like "Nique un fufu sous les tropiques" (translated to "Screw a fufu under the tropics") and "Noir et vert sont les couleurs d'ma secte" (translated to "Black and green are the colors of my sect") showcasing his bold and unapologetic attitude. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself, as seen in the line "Ce n'est pas du rap sexuel, bitch" (translated to "This is not sexual rap, bitch").

Overall, "Alarme" is a high-energy track that celebrates individuality, rebellion, and the pursuit of success on one's own terms. The lyrics, filled with references to loyalty, empowerment, and defiance, make it a standout piece in Freeze Corleone's discography, resonating with listeners who appreciate raw and unapologetic storytelling in music.

Funny song meaning for Alarme by Freeze Corleone (Ft. Kaki Santana)

Ah, the classic tale of "Alarme" by Freeze Corleone ft. Kaki Santana, a riveting saga of lacker-inducing alarms and an abundance of decibels in mysterious packages. Freeze starts by proudly declaring his consumption of alarms, triggering lacker responses that would put any mere mortal to shame. With his pirates ready to hack and Chen Zen on the mic for the Sect-6, Freeze is serving up more drama than a soap opera on steroids. And let's not forget the subtle nod to never selling his soul to be on TV, because let's face it, Netflix is where the real action's at, darling. Kaki Santana chimes in with cutting lines about cutting prods like a b*tch, because apparently, nothing says swagger like slicing beats like a hot knife through butter. So, buckle up, dear listeners, because this song is like a wild rollercoaster ride through the chaotic yet strangely mesmerizing world of alarm consumption and decibel-packed packages. Remember, kids, always cons' your alarms responsibly and never underestimate the power of lacker-induced enlightenment.

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