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Song meaning of #BI@TCHH by Slim C

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Song meaning for #BI@TCHH by Slim C

The song "#BI@TCHH" by Slim C, performed by Freeze Corleone, delves into themes of power, self-reliance, and loyalty within the context of the rap game. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a protagonist who exudes confidence and assertiveness, unapologetically navigating through a world filled with challenges and betrayals.

In the first verse, the artist showcases his determination to focus on his hustle and not be distracted by superficial pursuits. Lines like "Focus sur l’bizz, pas l’temps d’chasser les gos" (Focus on the business, no time to chase girls) highlight his commitment to his craft and financial success. The reference to "Chupa Chups" as a metaphor for women's attention further emphasizes his nonchalant attitude towards fleeting pleasures.

The chorus, with lines such as "Crack ‘sique pour les [?], contaminés bougent la tête comme des tics" (Crack music for the [?], contaminated move their heads like ticks), suggests a sense of infectious energy and influence that the artist brings to the table. The mention of self-made success and a penchant for luxury items like Pimp accessories adds layers to his persona, hinting at a desire for status and recognition.

The second verse delves deeper into the artist's mindset, portraying him as a loyal friend and a shrewd businessman. References to his origins and loyalty to his crew contrast with his disdain for fake individuals in the industry. The artist's self-assuredness and disdain for pretense are further highlighted in lines like "tous ces rappeurs sont des acteurs, gros c’est tous des futurs comiques" (all these rappers are actors, big they are all future comedians).

The final verse brings a sense of defiance and dominance, with the artist asserting his worth and demanding respect. Lines like "Belle comme une rose mais piquant comme un cactus" (Beautiful like a rose but sharp like a cactus) showcase his complexity and unwillingness to be underestimated. The repeated refrain of "Pas un crackhead mais bitch aime les pipes" (Not a crackhead but bitch loves pipes) adds a provocative edge to the song, challenging societal norms and expectations.

Overall, "#BI@TCHH" by Slim C is a bold and unapologetic track that explores themes of power, loyalty, and self-worth within the rap industry. Freeze Corleone's confident delivery and sharp lyricism make this song a compelling exploration of the complexities of success and authenticity in a competitive world.

Funny song meaning for #BI@TCHH by Slim C

Ah, the poetic masterpiece that is "#BI@TCHH" by Slim C by Freeze Corleone. Let's dissect these profound lyrics, shall we? It's a riveting tale of a modern-day Shakespeare, waxing poetic about Chupa Chups, God's paper, and the culinary delights of Chupa Chups-flavored ladies. Our protagonist, a self-proclaimed paper-counting aficionado, advises us to focus on the "bizz" and refrain from chasing hoes - a true philosopher of our time. And let's not forget the insightful commentary on war in Tel-Aviv and the timeless dilemma of rocks in one's trousers. It's a lyrical rollercoaster, filled with references to lean-sipping, mafiosi aspirations, and comets from the hood. In conclusion, this song is a true work of art that makes you question life's deepest mysteries, like why are people walking around with their butts in the air like it's nobody's business. Truly a masterpiece that will go down in history as a lyrical tour de force. Bravo, Slim C by Freeze Corleone, bravo.

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