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Song meaning of Big Pharma by Freeze Corleone

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Song meaning for Big Pharma by Freeze Corleone

"Big Pharma" by Freeze Corleone delves into themes of rebellion against authority, materialism, and the pursuit of wealth through illicit means. The song opens with a defiant refrain that sets the tone for the rest of the track: "Fuck 12, fuck les insignes et les plaques, j'suis allergique aux fufus, vous m'donnez des plaques" which translates to a rejection of police authority and a desire for cash and recognition. The lyrics portray a sense of disdain for societal norms and a willingness to engage in illegal activities to achieve financial success.

In the verse, Freeze Corleone showcases his intricate wordplay and references to pop culture and video games to illustrate his mindset. He compares himself to the secretive and powerful pharmaceutical industry, known as Big Pharma, hinting at his involvement in clandestine operations for profit. Lines like "J'suis au téléphone et les mots grésillent, négro, j'ai consommé trop d'résine" suggest a sense of paranoia and a blurred reality due to drug consumption.

The lyrics also touch on themes of violence and power, with references to weapons and criminal activities. Freeze Corleone boasts about his ability to evade authorities and make money through illegal means, showcasing a disregard for societal norms and a focus on personal gain. Lines like "J'retire des grosses liasses comme les négros qui scam" highlight his confidence in his criminal activities and his disdain for those who do not share his mindset.

Overall, "Big Pharma" by Freeze Corleone is a gritty and rebellious track that explores themes of defiance, materialism, and criminality. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a character who is willing to break the rules and engage in risky behavior to achieve his goals, making it a provocative and thought-provoking piece of music.

Funny song meaning for Big Pharma by Freeze Corleone

Ah, "Big Pharma" by Freeze Corleone, a true masterpiece that could easily be mistaken for a pharmaceutical sales pitch set to a sick beat. In this lyrical gem, Freeze flexes his extensive knowledge of the drug game by comparing himself to the infamous Big Pharma, because why settle for being a regular drug dealer when you can aim for that big corporate money, am I right? With lines like "Negro, faut qu'j'ouvre au moins six pharma (cash), j'suis dans le complot comme Big Pharma", Freeze is basically saying he's not here to play small ball, he's playing in the major leagues of drug trafficking. And let's not forget his love for cutting through beats like Auron from FFX cuts through enemies, because nothing says "I'm a lyrical genius" like referencing a video game character. So, if you ever need a prescription for some savage rhymes and a dash of pharmaceutical flair, just turn up this track and let Freeze Corleone be your musical drug dealer.

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