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Song meaning of BILLETS by Freeze Corleone & ASHE 22

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Song meaning for BILLETS by Freeze Corleone & ASHE 22

The song "BILLETS" by Freeze Corleone featuring ASHE 22 delves into themes of wealth, power, and the pursuit of success through illicit means. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a lifestyle centered around money and materialism, with a focus on accumulating wealth at any cost.

In the first verse, Freeze Corleone sets the tone by boasting about his lavish lifestyle and criminal activities. He references flexing in Spain, breaking down opponents in the music industry, and stacking cash in large amounts. Lines like "faut des liasses plus grandes que Passe-Partout" (we need bundles bigger than Passe-Partout) and "j'ai la vision comme Jay Z d'Marcy" (I have the vision like Jay Z from Marcy) showcase his ambition and determination to succeed.

The chorus, sung by ASHE 22 and Freeze Corleone, emphasizes the importance of money and the relentless pursuit of wealth. Lines like "on n'est pas là pour briller" (we're not here to shine) and "on arrive pour les piller" (we're here to plunder) highlight a sense of ruthlessness and a focus on financial gain above all else.

ASHE 22's verse further explores themes of violence and power dynamics. References to gang affiliations, firearms, and criminal activities paint a gritty picture of a world where survival and dominance are paramount. Lines like "Quand les 45 crient, tous les ennemis s'taillent" (When the .45s scream, all enemies scatter) and "royauté, c'est plus cher qu'un Série 7" (royalty is more expensive than a Series 7) underscore the harsh realities of this lifestyle.

Overall, "BILLETS" is a gritty and unapologetic portrayal of a world where money, power, and violence intersect. The song's lyrics convey a sense of urgency and determination to succeed by any means necessary, even if it means resorting to illegal activities and ruthless behavior.

Funny song meaning for BILLETS by Freeze Corleone & ASHE 22

Ah, the classic tale of Freeze Corleone and Ashe 22 embarking on an epic quest for...wait for it...BILLETS! Yes, forget about love, forget about friendship, all they care about is multiplying those big billets like they're playing Monopoly on steroids. Freeze Corleone is out here flexing in Spain, operating in the industry like he's the Joker, making it rain big-time. And Ashe 22? Well, he's just casually chilling with a couple thousand in his pocket and a whole lot of attitude. Their motto? We're not here to shine, we're here to straight up rob the bank! With lyrics like "Cash Money like Nino B" and "Your body will look like a Balmain jeans" (ouch), these guys are not messing around. So, listen up folks, if you ever find yourself in the presence of Freeze Corleone and Ashe 22, just remember one thing: hide your wallets, lock up your safes, and run for the hills because these guys are coming for your billets...and they aren't taking no for an answer!

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