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Black Lobby By Freeze Corleone Ft Osirus Jack

Song meaning of Black Lobby by Freeze Corleone (Ft. Osirus Jack)

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Song meaning for Black Lobby by Freeze Corleone (Ft. Osirus Jack)

"Black Lobby" by Freeze Corleone featuring Osirus Jack delves into themes of power, wealth, and influence within a secretive society. The song opens with Osirus Jack referencing a new secret society and the desire for material wealth, as seen in the lines "On t'shot, on veut biftons, or, grosses chaines" (We want cash, gold, big chains). This sets the tone for the rest of the track, where the artists paint a picture of a clandestine world filled with references to luxury, underground dealings, and a hunger for success.

Freeze Corleone's verse adds to the narrative with vivid imagery and references to pop culture, such as comparing his red eyes to those of a zombie from Flatbush and mentioning Max Payne's slowed-down vision. The lyrics "On veut argent nègre, black peso / Dans le noir, brillant comme laser faisceau" (We want black money, black peso / In the dark, shining like a laser beam) highlight the pursuit of illicit wealth and the allure of the underground lifestyle.

Osirus Jack's subsequent verse continues the theme of underground dealings and references to historical figures like Blackbeard, emphasizing a sense of rebellion and defiance. The lines "Osirus, black Kikzou / BPK, découpe la prod' façon Louis XVI" (Osirus, black Kikzou / BPK, cuts the beat like Louis XVI) showcase a mix of modern and historical references, creating a complex tapestry of imagery and symbolism.

The collaboration between Freeze Corleone and Osirus Jack in "Black Lobby" showcases their lyrical prowess and ability to craft a narrative that immerses the listener in a world of secrecy, power struggles, and ambition. The song's intricate wordplay and references to pop culture, history, and underground culture make it a compelling exploration of the darker side of success and wealth.

Funny song meaning for Black Lobby by Freeze Corleone (Ft. Osirus Jack)

Ah, "Black Lobby" by Freeze Corleone featuring Osirus Jack, a lyrical masterpiece that takes you on a wild ride through the secret society of cool kids who apparently have a fascination with color coordinating their outfits. Osirus Jack and Freeze Corleone are like the trendsetting duo of the underground rap world, dropping bars about being as elusive as a ninja at a cosplay convention and as high as a kite on a hot air balloon. They talk about wanting cash that's darker than the blackest black, because apparently normal currency just doesn't cut it for these ballers. Freeze Corleone even compares himself to Anakin Skywalker, but let's be real, Anakin didn't rap about mixing lean and feeling like a G. Overall, this song is like a bizarre blend of a sci-fi movie, a high-stakes poker game, and a psychedelic trip through a black hole. It's like the musical equivalent of discovering a random sock in your laundry that doesn't match any of your other socks – confusing, intriguing, and slightly concerning. So, grab your blackest outfit and get ready to vibe to the chaotic energy of "Black Lobby", where the only rule is: there are no rules, just black pesos and zombie gangsters straight out of Zombieland.

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