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Song meaning of Дом С Привидениями (House With the Ghosts) by OBLADAET & FRIENDLY THUG 52 NGG



Song meaning for Дом С Привидениями (House With the Ghosts) by OBLADAET & FRIENDLY THUG 52 NGG

The song "Дом С Привидениями" by OBLADAET & FRIENDLY THUG 52 NGG delves into themes of success, authenticity, and self-expression within the context of the music industry. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the artists' journey and experiences, showcasing their struggles, triumphs, and unwavering dedication to their craft.

In the opening lines, OBLADAET contemplates between the allure of Saint-Petersburg and London, highlighting the internal conflict of choosing between different paths in life. He references his hunger for success and recognition, symbolized by the metaphor of painting on a canvas while navigating the challenges and pressures of the industry. The line "Я никогда не кричал очень много, но меня слышно так громко" (I never shouted too much, but I am heard so loudly) reflects the artist's desire to make an impact through his artistry without conforming to superficial trends.

The chorus, sung by OBLADAET and FRIENDLY THUG 52 NGG, emphasizes the idea of making money and achieving success as a tangible reality rather than a mere dream. The line "Плевать на мнения их, со мной игроки, но не геймеры" (I don't care about their opinions, with me are players, not gamers) conveys a sense of confidence and defiance against critics and naysayers, asserting their identity as serious players in the music game.

FRIENDLY THUG 52 NGG's verse adds another layer to the song, touching on the pressures and challenges faced by artists in the industry. He raps about the struggles of balancing fame, money, and personal integrity, all while navigating the pitfalls of success. The line "Мне приходят деньги за рэп, но мой угол живёт внутри, я отравлен" (I get money for rap, but my corner lives inside, I am poisoned) reflects the internal conflict and sacrifices that come with pursuing a career in music.

Overall, "Дом С Привидениями" is a powerful and introspective track that delves into the complexities of the music industry, success, and personal identity. The artists' raw and honest lyrics, coupled with the dynamic production, create a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners on a deep and emotional level.

Funny song meaning for Дом С Привидениями (House With the Ghosts) by OBLADAET & FRIENDLY THUG 52 NGG

Oh, darling, let's dive into the whimsical world of "House With the Ghosts" by the dynamic duo OBLADAET and Friendly Thug 52 NGG. In this hauntingly catchy tune, we witness a lyrical battle between deciding whether to rock Saint-P or London, as if it's the ultimate hip-hop dilemma of the century. OBLADAET paints vivid pictures on canvases while teetering on the edge of a razor blade – talk about living life on the edge, literally! And let's not forget about Friendly Thug 52 NGG, who is raking in those rubles for his rap while his corner is tired, probably from carrying the weight of his undeniable talent. Who knew a residential area could be so sleepy yet so filled with ghostly vibes, making even the most judgmental haters take a backseat to the players who are clubbing their way through life, from dusk till dawn and beyond. It's a musical rollercoaster of money-making dreams, sniper-like positivity, and a house party that even Casper would envy. So grab your ghost-busting gear and get ready to shimmy with the spirits in this banger that's as spooky as it is soulful. PLAYERS CLUB, 52 out!

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