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Harley Quinn By Fuerza Regida Marshmello

Song meaning of HARLEY QUINN by Fuerza Regida & Marshmello

Fuerza Regida & Marshmello


Song meaning for HARLEY QUINN by Fuerza Regida & Marshmello

The song "HARLEY QUINN" by Fuerza Regida & Marshmello is a collaboration that combines elements of regional Mexican music with electronic dance music. The lyrics depict a story of a wild and rebellious woman, referred to as "Harley Quinn," who captivates the attention of the narrator.

In the first verse, Fuerza Regida sings about being intoxicated by the taste of the woman's vodka-flavored kisses and the pink powder that excites her. The lyrics suggest that she exudes a dangerous and alluring aura, evident by the presence of bodyguards and a concealed weapon. The chorus emphasizes the narrator's infatuation with this woman, describing how they become intoxicated and lose control in the nightclub, with red lights setting the mood. The narrator also boasts that the woman's partner is unaware of the attraction between them.

The second verse continues to describe the woman's allure, referring to her as "fancy" and desired by everyone. The lyrics mention the woman's involvement in illegal activities, such as protecting drugs with firearms. The phrase "Harley Quinn lista pa' guerra" suggests that she is ready for any kind of conflict or battle. The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the narrator's intoxication and the secrecy of their connection.

The outro includes playful ad-libs and mentions Marshmello, indicating his involvement in the song. Overall, "HARLEY QUINN" portrays a narrative of a dangerous and captivating woman who entices the narrator, leading to a thrilling and secretive relationship. The fusion of regional Mexican music and electronic elements adds a unique and energetic vibe to the song.

Funny song meaning for HARLEY QUINN by Fuerza Regida & Marshmello

Ah, "Harley Quinn" by Fuerza Regida & Marshmello, a song that takes us on a wild ride through the mind of a true Casanova. Let's dive into these poetic pearls of wisdom, shall we? Our protagonist starts off by charmingly requesting a kiss from his lady love, even if her breath reeks of vodka. How romantic! And oh, that pink powder that drives her crazy, it clearly tempts our hero. But don't be fooled by his smooth talk, because lurking amidst the dangerous life of bodyguards and hidden guns, he's just dying to show off his "shorty" in a bag—quite the fashion statement! Moving on to the chorus, he proudly boasts about hitting the club, getting all wild under the red lights while her clueless man remains oblivious to the fact that our hero is causing a major stir. With masked creatures lurking around, ready for action, this dangerous love story finds its heroine, Harley Quinn, armed and prepared for battle. And as the song wraps up, we are reminded of the signature catchphrase of the Mafia, because nothing says love and affection like some good ol' organized crime, right? So there you have it, folks, "Harley Quinn," a pulsating anthem about love, clubs, and bag-bound weaponry. Life certainly takes some interesting turns, doesn't it?

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