10 Piece By Doe Boy Tm88 Ft Future Young Thug

Song meaning of 10 Piece by Doe Boy & TM88 (Ft. Future & Young Thug)



Song meaning for 10 Piece by Doe Boy & TM88 (Ft. Future & Young Thug)

"10 Piece" by Doe Boy & TM88 featuring Future and Young Thug is a gritty and boastful track that showcases the luxurious lifestyle and street credibility of the artists. The song opens with Future setting the tone for the track, emphasizing the Freebandz Gang's reputation as a powerful and ruthless group. The chorus, delivered by Doe Boy and Young Thug, highlights themes of wealth, loyalty, and street hustle. Doe Boy boasts about his expensive Givenchy attire and flashy lifestyle, while Young Thug adds his signature style with references to high-end fashion brands like Chanel and Fendi.

In the first verse, Doe Boy raps about his street credibility and readiness to defend himself with a gun. He emphasizes the importance of loyalty and staying true to his gang, calling out those who are not on his level. The lyrics paint a picture of a dangerous and volatile environment where survival depends on being prepared to defend oneself at all times.

Young Thug's verse adds a layer of flamboyance and eccentricity to the track, with references to luxury brands and extravagant jewelry. He boasts about his wealth and success, juxtaposing it with his roots in Cleveland and the loyalty of his crew. The lyrics showcase Young Thug's unique flow and wordplay, adding a dynamic element to the song.

Future's verse brings a sense of urgency and intensity to the track, with references to fast cars, drugs, and violence. He raps about his experiences with drugs and the consequences of his lifestyle, painting a vivid picture of a dangerous and hedonistic world. The lyrics convey a sense of recklessness and defiance, reflecting the harsh realities of the streets.

Overall, "10 Piece" is a high-energy track that combines trap beats with flashy lyrics and aggressive delivery. The song captures the essence of the trap music genre, with its focus on street life, wealth, and loyalty. The collaboration between Doe Boy, Young Thug, and Future results in a powerful and memorable track that resonates with fans of hip-hop and trap music.

Funny song meaning for 10 Piece by Doe Boy & TM88 (Ft. Future & Young Thug)

Oh, well well well, if it isn't the Freebandz Gang making a grand entrance with more Givenchy references than a fashion show in Paris! "10 Piece" by Doe Boy & TM88 (Ft. Future & Young Thug) is like a gourmet meal served with a side of trap beats and a sprinkle of over-the-top flexing. We've got Future talking about his dress sense being so fire he could start a whole forest with his swag, while Young Thug is out here rhyming about messing up designer clothes like it's his day job. And let's not forget about Doe Boy and his crew, serving up chicken like it's a Michelin-star dish that only broke boys would dare to miss. It's like a high-stakes game of Monopoly, but instead of properties, they're collecting Gucci belts and semi-automatic weapons. So, if you want a lyrical journey through the world of expensive threads and gangsta gossip, "10 Piece" is the soundtrack to your designer lifestyle.

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