17 By Dean Blunt Ft Dj Escrow

Song meaning of 17 by Dean Blunt (Ft. DJ Escrow)



Song meaning for 17 by Dean Blunt (Ft. DJ Escrow)

"17" by Dean Blunt featuring DJ Escrow is a song that delves into the gritty realities of street life and the struggles faced by individuals involved in illicit activities. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world filled with danger, pressure, and the constant need to stay one step ahead of the law.

French Montana's verse sets the tone for the song, showcasing a lifestyle of excess and bravado. Lines like "Hundred thou' blowin' that in AOD" and "got 'em higher than a parasail" highlight the extravagant spending and drug use prevalent in the narrator's world. The reference to flipping like a "ferris wheel" and the warning to "learn your lesson" hint at the consequences of crossing the wrong people in this dangerous environment.

Future's verse adds another layer to the narrative, exploring the dynamics between those involved in criminal activities and law enforcement. The mention of becoming friends with a "dope head" and the contrast between "the people of the streets vs. the feds" speaks to the complex relationships and power struggles within this world. The imagery of counting money until your thumb is numb and stashing cash in brick walls further emphasizes the illicit nature of their dealings.

The chorus, repeated throughout the song, serves as a warning to those who may not be prepared for the pressures and dangers of this lifestyle. The repetition of "You don't want no pressure" reinforces the idea that this world is not for the faint of heart and that consequences can be severe for those who are not prepared to face them.

Overall, "17" by Dean Blunt featuring DJ Escrow paints a vivid and raw portrait of the harsh realities of street life, showcasing the struggles, dangers, and pressures faced by those involved in illicit activities. The lyrics serve as a cautionary tale, warning listeners of the high stakes and consequences that come with living on the edge of society.

Funny song meaning for 17 by Dean Blunt (Ft. DJ Escrow)

Oh boy, we've got French Montana and Future teaming up to bring us a lyrical masterpiece that's like a mix of a cooking show gone wrong and a cryptic drug cartel meeting. Frenchy starts off by bragging about hopping out of foreign cars with 40 deep crew, blowing cash like it's going out of style (which it probably is, in his case). I mean, he's making his other b**ches jealous and whipping up some mysterious dressing in the kitchen – talk about a man of many talents! Future, on the other hand, is here to educate us on the intricate relationship dynamics between dope heads and the law, like a modern-day Shakespeare but with more references to stashing money in brick walls. This song is basically a cautionary tale about the perils of being too fly and having to keep your phone charged at all times, because you never know when your Gs might need to reach out from the other side. Who said rap can't be educational, right?

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