20 Hoes By Future Ft Young Thug

Song meaning of 20 Hoes by Future (Ft. Young Thug)



Song meaning for 20 Hoes by Future (Ft. Young Thug)

"20 Hoes" by Future featuring Young Thug delves into themes of excess, wealth, and status in the world of hip-hop. The song opens with a refrain that sets the tone for the track, questioning the listener's assumptions and expectations. The repeated line "What the fuck ya thought?" challenges the audience to reconsider their preconceived notions.

Throughout the verses, Future and Young Thug paint a vivid picture of a lavish lifestyle filled with hustlers, gamblers, scammers, and strippers. The lyrics reference drug culture with lines like "We poppin' on X, we drinkin' on chemicals" and pay homage to notorious figures like El Chapo and Fidel Castro. The mention of lean, a popular drink in hip-hop culture, adds to the gritty and hedonistic atmosphere of the song.

The chorus, with its repetition of "I got twenty damn Kylies," showcases a boastful attitude towards women and material possessions. The reference to Kylie Jenner, a symbol of wealth and fame, serves as a metaphor for the abundance of luxury in the narrator's life. The lyrics also touch on themes of loyalty and family, with mentions of buying chains for a brother and staying connected to one's roots.

Overall, "20 Hoes" can be interpreted as a celebration of opulence and success in the face of adversity. The song's braggadocious lyrics and trap-influenced production create a high-energy anthem that captures the essence of modern hip-hop culture.

Funny song meaning for 20 Hoes by Future (Ft. Young Thug)

Ah, "20 Hoes" by Future, where do I even start with this lyrical masterpiece? It's like a chaotic symphony of hustlers, gamblers, scammers, and strippers all coming together in a whirlwind of X popping and chemical drinking. Future and Young Thug really outdid themselves with lines like "I got twenty damn Kylies, N***a I got 20 damn Kylies," like, why stop at one Kylie when you can have a Kardashian army, am I right? And let's not forget the profound wisdom dropped in lines like "I'm a headache to society, real s**t, Kylie Jenner, that's a side piece." Move over Shakespeare, there's a new poet in town, and his name is Future. So grab your Chanel coat, flex your first bill, and prepare to enter a world where having 20 Kylies is just the tip of the iceberg of lyrical genius.

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