600 Days No Sleep By Future Young Thug

Song meaning of 600 Days No Sleep by Future & Young Thug



Song meaning for 600 Days No Sleep by Future & Young Thug

"600 Days No Sleep" by Future & Young Thug is a high-energy track that delves into themes of perseverance, success, and the hustle of the rap game. The song opens with Future boasting about his relentless work ethic, rapping, "600 days no sleep, nigga / I was born with Coyote teeth, nigga." This line suggests that Future has been grinding non-stop for an extended period, embodying the idea of sacrificing rest for success. The reference to being born with "Coyote teeth" could symbolize his predatory nature and fierce determination in pursuing his goals.

In the first verse, Future reflects on his come-up from the slums, showcasing his resilience and ability to weather any storm. He mentions making it "thunderstorm" crumb for crumb, highlighting his journey from humble beginnings to a position of power and influence. Future's reference to taking Codeine to numb the pain could allude to the coping mechanisms and vices that often accompany success in the music industry.

Young Thug's verse adds another layer to the song, with his signature eccentricity and wordplay. He compares his fast-paced lifestyle to a bunny, emphasizing his agility and versatility in navigating the industry. The line "None of my cars American, I'm talkin' Native" could be interpreted as a nod to his roots and authenticity in a genre often dominated by American artists.

Overall, "600 Days No Sleep" is a testament to the relentless drive and ambition of Future and Young Thug as they navigate the highs and lows of the music industry. The chorus serves as a triumphant declaration of their ascent to the "upper echelon" and solidifies their status as icons in the rap game. The song's infectious energy and braggadocious lyrics capture the essence of the hustle and grind that defines their careers.

Funny song meaning for 600 Days No Sleep by Future & Young Thug

Oh, look at Future and Young Thug here, sounding like a couple of sleep-deprived coyotes who haven't seen a bed in 600 days! Future is all like, "I made it thunderstorm crumb for crumb, fed some rat poison to a lady, and my Porsche has more horses than a cowboy movie." Meanwhile, Young Thug is probably thinking about how his car color matches his latex, and how he's so generous he'll put water on your arm if you can't swim. They're both out here rhyming about putting out fires with John Cena, buying all the singles, and taking people to swamps every night like some kind of bizarre alligator tour guide. It's like they're living in a fever dream where logic went on vacation and Coyote teeth are the new fashion trend. Hey, at least they keep it interesting!

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