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Song meaning of 357 by Geolier (Ft. Guè)



Song meaning for 357 by Geolier (Ft. Guè)

So, let me tell you about this song "357" by Geolier featuring Guè. When I first heard this track, it hit me right in the feels, you know? The lyrics are so raw and powerful, they really make you stop and think.

Geolier starts off the song talking about his tough background, how he's not part of any gang but still faces struggles. He mentions the 357, a powerful gun that never fails, and how he's always ready for whatever comes his way. The line "Quanno duorme, na sirena te sceta 'e notte" really got to me, picturing the sound of a siren waking you up in the middle of the night, it's intense.

Then Guè comes in with his verse, talking about success and power. He mentions his daughter and how he's a big daddy taking care of her. The line "Faccio biz con la tua morte proprio come la Marlboro" is so striking, comparing making money to the death like a cigarette brand, it's deep.

The chorus is like a toast to those who have passed away, celebrating their lives and memories. The repetition of "ancora, ancora, ancora" at the end really drives home the idea of never forgetting those we've lost.

Overall, "357" is a song that delves into themes of struggle, success, and remembrance. The beat is catchy, but the lyrics are what really stand out and make you reflect on life's challenges and victories. It's a powerful track that stays with you long after you've listened to it.

Funny song meaning for 357 by Geolier (Ft. Guè)

Oh, looks like Geolier and Guè are really trying to out-macho each other in this song "357." Geolier starts off by proclaiming he's not from the Bronx and definitely not a member of any gangs like Crips or Bloods, but hey, he's ready for war with his 357 that never jams - impressive, right? And he's got that MOMO Design mask on, feeling all sleek and sneaky. Guè jumps in boasting about his big credit, being a big daddy, and how he's all about that Italian excellence, probably with a hint of fashion on a Bombardier jet. But let's not forget the real highlight - they both love to toast to infamy and death with a bottle of Dom Pérignon, because nothing says celebration like contemplating mortality in style. So, cheers to Daytona, Maybach, and all things boujee while waving goodbye to any hint of subtlety in these lyrics. It's like a mix of '90s gangsta rap and a luxury car commercial, with a pinch of dark humor - a recipe for a wild ride through Italian trap music.

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