Belong By Gnash Ft Denm

Song meaning of ​belong by ​gnash (Ft. DENM)



Song meaning for ​belong by ​gnash (Ft. DENM)

The song "Belong" by gnash featuring DENM delves into the theme of feeling misunderstood and searching for a sense of belonging. The chorus sung by DENM sets the tone for the track, expressing the struggles of not having one's voice heard and feeling alone, especially during childhood. The lyrics "Been misunderstood, never had my voice heard, I was alone when I was a child" paint a picture of isolation and longing for connection.

In the verse by gnash, the artist reflects on the universal feeling of being lost and the lack of communication in society. The lines "Honestly, I feel like everybody's feeling kind of lost, and everybody knows it but nobody takes the time to talk" highlight the disconnect between individuals despite shared experiences. Gnash emphasizes the power of simple gestures like smiling and saying hi, suggesting that small acts of kindness can bridge the gap between people.

As the song progresses, gnash shares personal experiences of not fitting in with the popular crowd and feeling overlooked by friends. The lyrics "I never really fit in with the popular ones, and even all my friends were always sorta dodgin' me some" reveal the artist's struggles with acceptance and recognition. However, the narrative shifts as gnash acknowledges the shift from being disregarded to being embraced, indicating a journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

The bridge of the song reinforces the message of hope and unity, with gnash repeating the mantra "It won't be long 'til we belong." This repetition serves as a reminder that the search for belonging is a shared experience and that eventually, everyone will find their place. The chorus, sung jointly by gnash and DENM, brings the song full circle, emphasizing that despite the challenges, we are all just "a bunch of kids tryna find where we belong."

Overall, "Belong" by gnash featuring DENM is a poignant reflection on the human need for connection, understanding, and acceptance. The song encourages listeners to embrace their individuality, reach out to others, and believe that they will eventually find their place in the world.

Funny song meaning for ​belong by ​gnash (Ft. DENM)

Ah, the classic anthem for every misunderstood millennial out there! "Belong" by gnash is basically a cry for help from all those who feel like they never fit in, but hey, who does these days? DENM kicks it off by lamenting about not being heard as a child, which I'm sure has caused deep emotional scars that even a million therapy sessions couldn't heal. Then gnash jumps in with some profound insights like, "Everybody's feeling kinda lost, but nobody talks about it, so let's just pretend everything's fine." Wow, groundbreaking stuff! And let's not forget the riveting bridge where he promises that one day we'll all magically find where we belong. Oh, the deep philosophical ponderings of these two musical geniuses! So, if you're a lost soul desperately seeking your place in this chaotic world, just remember... you're not alone in your quest to belong, or at least that's what gnash and DENM want you to think.

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