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Song meaning of ​everything sucks by ​vaultboy



Song meaning for ​everything sucks by ​vaultboy

"Everything Sucks" by Vaultboy and Gnash is a song that captures the rollercoaster of emotions that come with dealing with difficult times and heartbreak. The song opens with a sarcastic tone in the lyrics, "Everything sucks, just kidding, Everything is great, no really," highlighting the internal struggle of trying to stay positive despite feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts. The protagonist admits to still thinking about their ex, despite trying to move on, as seen in the lines, "I haven't thought about my ex today, Oh, wait–(Fuck, I just did)."

As the song progresses, there is a shift towards a more hopeful outlook. The lyrics reflect a sense of progress and growth, with lines like, "Everything is better than it used to be, I didn't write a song about my ex today." The protagonist acknowledges the importance of reaching out to friends for support and companionship, as shown in the lines, "But I called my friends and I told them, We should hang out if it makes sense, 'Cause I miss them and I hate being alone."

The chorus serves as a mantra for self-care and healing, with the repeated desire to "forget my bad days" and strive to "be okay." The mention of spending time at the arcade symbolizes a nostalgic escape and a form of self-soothing during tough times. The song ultimately conveys a message of resilience and the importance of seeking joy and connection amidst life's challenges.

Overall, "Everything Sucks" is a relatable and uplifting anthem that acknowledges the ups and downs of life while emphasizing the power of friendship, self-care, and finding moments of happiness even in the midst of hardship.

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Ah, the poetic musings of Vaultboy by gnash in "Everything Sucks" truly strike a chord with anyone who has ever experienced the rollercoaster of emotions post-breakup. In this masterpiece, the artist takes us on a wild ride of emotional whiplash, confidently declaring that "everything sucks, just kidding" – thus encapsulating the tumultuous inner turmoil of pretending to be fine when in reality, you're a hot mess. From the petty realization of thinking about your ex to the half-hearted attempt at considering exercise (we've all been there, honey), this song is a symphony of sarcastic self-reflection. But fear not, for the artist finds solace in the simple pleasures of going outside, calling friends, and even contemplating writing a song that isn't about their ex (shocking, I know). So why dwell on the bad days when you can spend your spare change at the arcade and declare, "Everything sucks, just kidding" one more time for good measure. A true anthem for the emotionally turbulent, this song embraces the chaos of life with a wink and a nod, reminding us all that even when everything sucks, there's always room for a little sarcasm and self-deprecation.

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