Fragile By Gnash Ft Wrenn

Song meaning of ​fragile by ​gnash (Ft. Wrenn)



Song meaning for ​fragile by ​gnash (Ft. Wrenn)

The song "Fragile" by gnash featuring Wrenn delves into themes of vulnerability, loneliness, and the struggle to open up emotionally to others. The lyrics paint a picture of individuals who are grappling with their own inner turmoil and insecurities, yearning for connection but finding it difficult to let others in.

In the first verse, Wrenn expresses regret for pushing people away, admitting, "I've got no one to hold me / Cause I, I turn them all away." This highlights a sense of isolation and a fear of intimacy that prevents her from forming meaningful relationships. The pre-chorus further emphasizes this internal conflict, as she acknowledges the comfort of solitude ("I'm better on my own") while also craving companionship ("But I don't wanna be alone").

Similarly, gnash's verse reflects a similar sentiment, as he apologizes for his emotional struggles and expresses a desire for closeness, singing, "God, I wish you would hold me closely / Don't think I don't feel the same." The repetition of the chorus, with both artists declaring, "Cause I'm fragile / God, I'm fragile," underscores the fragility of their emotional state and the need for understanding and empathy from others.

The bridge of the song, where gnash and Wrenn repeatedly sing, "God, I wish I could love you," conveys a longing for the ability to fully embrace love and connection, despite the barriers they face. Overall, "Fragile" captures the delicate balance between self-reliance and the yearning for human connection, exploring the complexities of vulnerability and the struggle to overcome emotional barriers.

Funny song meaning for ​fragile by ​gnash (Ft. Wrenn)

Ah, the timeless tale of two fragile souls who are just too fragile for this cruel world. Wrenn is out here apologizing for shaking, like girl, you're not a milkshake, calm down. And gnash is breaking left, right, and center, probably because he found out his favorite cereal was discontinued. They're both like, "I'm sorry you saw me being human, but please hold me gently because I'm a delicate flower." Then they both harmonize about their fragile selves like a broken mirror reflecting their fragile reflections. And in the bridge, they're like, "God, I wish I could love you, but I'm too busy being fragile and delicate AF." Basically, this song is a fragile masterpiece for anyone who likes their music served with a side of emotional vulnerability and a sprinkle of dramatic flair. Fragile souls unite!

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