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Song meaning for Lilith by Halsey

"Lilith" by Halsey is a song about the singer's struggles with love and relationships. She admits to being too caught up in the moment and unable to fall in love or show it. Halsey also acknowledges her own flaws and destructive tendencies, feeling corrupted and disgusting. The chorus repeats the theme of her tendency to mess things up in relationships and asks if anyone has noticed. The outro suggests that the more one gives in a relationship, the more the other person takes. Overall, the song explores the complexities of love and the difficulties of maintaining healthy relationships.

Funny song meaning for Lilith by Halsey

Oh boy, Lilith by Halsey sounds like a classic case of commitment-phobia mixed with a dash of self-sabotage. Halsey starts off by admitting that she's great at first impressions but quickly runs into trouble when it comes to continuing the relationship. She wonders if she's been too mean and admits to putting a knife to her heart and wearing her emotions on her sleeve. Yikes, sounds like a recipe for disaster. But instead of trying to work it out, Halsey justifies her bad behavior by claiming she's been corrupted and doesn't need any introduction to being destructive. Well, at least she knows herself, right? In the end, she sings about the more you give away, the more you have, but with Halsey's track record, we're not sure she's going to give much away anytime soon.

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