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Song meaning of DEAR MY LOVER by Hey! Say! JUMP

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Song meaning for DEAR MY LOVER by Hey! Say! JUMP

"Dear My Lover" by Hey! Say! JUMP is a song about two people who may not be perfect, but are determined to have the best love possible. The lyrics describe the ups and downs of their relationship, from the awkwardness of their first meeting to the strength they gain from being together. The chorus encourages them to use any means necessary to protect each other and promises to dedicate their love to one another. The song ends with a declaration of eternal love and a vow to face any challenge together. Overall, the song celebrates the power of love to overcome obstacles and bring happiness to even the most imperfect of couples.

Funny song meaning for DEAR MY LOVER by Hey! Say! JUMP

Ah, Dear My Lover by Hey! Say! JUMP, a song about two truly terrible people who are somehow in the greatest love of all time. These two are so bad that they need to remind themselves multiple times throughout the song that they are, in fact, the worst. But despite this, they promise to use any means necessary to protect each other from harm and to love each other to the best of their abilities (which, let's be real, are limited). They even pledge to be together for all eternity, which is both impressive and mildly concerning. But hey, if love can blossom between the lowest of the low, maybe there's hope for the rest of us too.

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