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Song meaning of Unknown / Nth by Hozier



Song meaning for Unknown / Nth by Hozier

"Unknown / Nth" by Hozier is a deeply introspective and emotional song that explores the complexities of love and the struggle of being unknown to someone you deeply care about. The lyrics delve into the idea that distance and physical separation have never been obstacles for the narrator, as they would go to great lengths to be with their loved one. The opening verse sets the tone, expressing a willingness to overcome any obstacle for the sake of love.

The song then takes a turn, highlighting the irony that true colors often reveal themselves in darkness and secrecy. The narrator reflects on the fact that any warning signs or red flags were overshadowed by a blinding light, blurring their perception of the person they loved. The imagery of being held frozen like an angel suggests a sense of idealization and naivety in their perception of this person.

The chorus emphasizes that it is not the solitude or emptiness of being alone that affects the narrator, but rather the feeling of being unknown. This sentiment is further emphasized by the repetition of "Sha-la-la," which adds a melancholic and introspective tone to the song. The lyrics suggest that being unknown is a significant aspect of living and loving, and that there is a certain beauty in the mystery and uncertainty of relationships.

In the third verse, the narrator recalls a moment when their loved one called them "angel," which filled them with joy. However, the imagery of the smile revealing pieces of their heart stuck in their teeth suggests that this happiness was short-lived and left them broken. The ticking of their heart, every tedious beat, serves as a reminder of the pain they endure while remaining unknown to their loved one.

The bridge introduces a sense of vulnerability, as the narrator expresses their willingness to bear the weight of their love for this person, even if it means breaking beneath it. They would go to great lengths just to have the opportunity to truly know and understand them.

The song concludes with a repetition of the chorus, emphasizing that being unknown is a common experience for many people, and perhaps there is a certain allure in remaining mysterious and undiscovered. Overall, "Unknown / Nth" is a poignant exploration of the complexities of love, the pain of being unknown, and the beauty found in the mystery of relationships.

Funny song meaning for Unknown / Nth by Hozier

Ah, Hozier, the fine purveyor of deep, emotional ballads. Now, let's dive into the murky waters of "Unknown / Nth" and unravel its enigmatic meaning. In this lyrical masterpiece, Hozier takes us on a journey through the vastness of distance and the complexities of relationships. He compares his devotion to walking across the floor of any sea and swimming a lake of fire – I mean, who needs a cozy Sunday afternoon on the couch when you can endure these extreme challenges for love, right? But alas, Hozier discovers that true colors shine in darkness and secrecy, and apparently, any scarlet flags were conveniently washed out of his mind. Classic. As Hozier contemplates the pain of being unknown, we witness his heart leaping from his body when he is crowned an angel by his significant other. How romantic! But wait, there's more! Hozier even suggests that a few shards of his heart are stuck in their teeth. Talk about a thorough dental examination! In the end, Hozier embraces the beauty of being unknown, like some sort of super philosophical angelic being who probably needs a cape and a catchy theme song. So, let us revel in the perplexing charm of "Unknown / Nth" and marvel at the notion that being alone isn't the issue, it's more about basking in the glory of obscurity and becoming a mysterious legend in the history of love. Sha-la-la, baby!

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