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Song meaning of LMM by HWASA (화사)

HWASA (화사)


Song meaning for LMM by HWASA (화사)

"LMM" by HWASA is a captivating song that delves into the complexities of a deteriorating relationship. The lyrics paint a picture of two individuals who are growing distant from each other, as indicated by the line "희미해 내일의 우린" (Fading, our tomorrow). The metaphor of the wind hurting them suggests that their interactions have become painful and strained.

The chorus, with its repetitive phrases, reflects the repetitive nature of their relationship. They are stuck in a cycle of trying to escape from each other, but always ending up back in the same place. The line "Do you wanna get some more 그저 눈이 먼 것뿐이야" (Do you wanna get some more, it's just blindness) implies that they are blinded by their own patterns and unable to break free.

In the second verse, the lyrics describe their past as distant and their hearts as blackened. This suggests that their relationship has lost its vibrancy and passion. The repetition in the pre-chorus and chorus further emphasizes their inability to move forward or find a resolution.

The bridge introduces a sense of hopelessness, as they feel like they are being discarded by the world. The imagery of the sun setting and being engulfed in darkness symbolizes their fading connection. Despite their efforts to move on, they find themselves trapped in the same place, going in circles.

The outro brings a glimmer of optimism, comparing their situation to flowers blooming even in the falling rain. This suggests that there is still potential for growth and renewal, even in the midst of their struggles. Overall, "LMM" by HWASA explores the complexities of a failing relationship and the struggle to break free from repetitive patterns.

Funny song meaning for LMM by HWASA (화사)

Ah, here we have the enchanting "LMM" by the one and only HWASA. Now, let's dive into this musical masterpiece, shall we? In this song, our dear HWASA takes us on a journey of confusion and avoidance. Apparently, the wind hurts their feelings. Oh, the tragic pain caused by a gentle breeze! But fear not, because they bring us the profound wisdom of "Do you wanna get some more?" Yes, my friends, apparently, the key to solving all of life's problems is to get more of... something. What that something is, I have no clue, and neither does HWASA. They're just blind, my darlings, blind to whatever it is they need more of. And don't even think about going somewhere with them because they're experts in avoiding, bless their hearts. They're stuck in a never-ending loop, trying so hard to move forward but always ending up in the same spot. Oh, the tragedy of it all! But wait, things get even more dramatic as they compare themselves to the end of the world. Yes, my friends, it's as if the sun is setting, darkness is looming, and they believe they're about to be abandoned. We're all just hanging on the edge of our seats, wondering what they will avoid next. So, my dear listeners, get ready to embark on this emotional rollercoaster because "LMM" will leave you questioning everything, including why flowers still bloom in the rain. Only HWASA knows the answer to that one, folks. Stay tuned for more lyrical madness! *mic drop*

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