Battle Rap Freestyle By Insanity

Song meaning of Battle Rap (Freestyle) by Insanity



Song meaning for Battle Rap (Freestyle) by Insanity

The song "Battle Rap (Freestyle)" by Insanity is a fierce diss track aimed at a rival rapper. Insanity confidently asserts his superiority over his opponent, calling him out for talking tough but lacking the skills to back it up. He uses vivid and violent imagery to describe how he will defeat his opponent in a rap battle, warning him to be prepared for failure. Insanity also expresses his frustration with the rap industry and the prevalence of fake rappers, declaring that he raps from the heart and is tired of hearing "petty" disses. Overall, the song showcases Insanity's lyrical prowess and his determination to succeed in the competitive world of rap.

Funny song meaning for Battle Rap (Freestyle) by Insanity

Well, well, well, look who thinks he's a hot shot. Insanity, huh? More like insanity-induced delusions of grandeur. This guy talks a big game, but let's be real, he's just mincemeat compared to his opponents. He's got rhymes that sound like they were written by a 5th grader with a thesaurus, and he can't even muster up a proper flow. And what's with the references to Humpty Dumpty and Son Goku? Is he trying to appeal to the elementary school crowd? And don't even get me started on his dreams of making it big in the rap game. I think his chances of success are about as slim as seeing a flying truck. But hey, at least he's got some spare time to battle for loose change, right? All I can say is, let's hope he finds a new hobby soon and spares us from any more of his wack rap crap.

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