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Song meaning of Going MIA (Arrow) by Juice WRLD

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Song meaning for Going MIA (Arrow) by Juice WRLD

"Going MIA (Arrow)" by Juice WRLD is a song that delves into the artist's emotional struggles and his coping mechanisms. The lyrics express a sense of detachment and frustration with relationships and the world around him. The song opens with the repeated line, "No, I'm not okay," emphasizing the artist's emotional state. He feels numb and unable to feel anything, as indicated by the line, "I can't feel my face."

The chorus reflects Juice WRLD's desire to distance himself from toxic relationships and negative influences. He rejects the idea of being in a relationship, wanting people to stay out of his life. The line, "How it's all love when it ain't no love," suggests that he has experienced betrayal and disappointment in his relationships, leading him to turn to drugs as a means of escape from the hate and negativity he encounters. The use of substances becomes a way for him to feel okay and find temporary relief from his emotional pain.

In the verse, Juice WRLD questions why love and drugs seem to disappear from his life. He contemplates moving to Los Angeles, perhaps seeking a fresh start or hoping for a change in his circumstances. However, everything in his life seems to go missing, leaving him feeling lost and disconnected. The references to taking drugs and not being able to see straight highlight his reliance on substances to numb his pain and escape reality.

The lyrics also touch on a failed relationship, with Juice WRLD blaming the other person for the state of his heart. He feels betrayed and hurt, as indicated by the line, "Rip my heart up out my chest and put it on the sidewalk." The repetition of the line, "You talk too much with your mouth, shut the fuck up and just let your love talk," suggests that he feels suffocated by the other person's words and wants them to show their love through actions instead.

Overall, "Going MIA (Arrow)" by Juice WRLD explores themes of emotional turmoil, detachment, and the artist's reliance on drugs as a coping mechanism. It reflects his struggles with relationships and the pain he experiences, ultimately seeking solace in substances to find temporary relief.

Funny song meaning for Going MIA (Arrow) by Juice WRLD

Oh, Juice WRLD, always a ray of sunshine, isn't he? In "Going MIA (Arrow)" our beloved artist here is apparently not okay, guys! Just in case you missed it, he's really not okay. He can't feel his face, which, honestly, sounds like a disturbing medical condition. But fear not, because he has a solution! He doesn't want any relations, so please just step out of his face. Instead, he's looking for some good ol' face, because apparently, that's what makes his day good. I mean, who needs love when you can have face, right? And the reason he takes drugs, well, it's because he's sick of "they hate." Who are "they"? We have no idea, but apparently, they make him pop, sip, and smoke just to feel okay. Hey, whatever floats your boat, Juice. Just make sure you don't float away like all the love and drugs that keep going MIA, okay? And let's not forget, ladies, it's your fault that his heart went MIA. So, next time, please refrain from ripping it out of his chest and putting it on the sidewalk. Oh, and guys, please fuck off out of his way because he's a choker and loaded up. I'm assuming with talent, of course! So, in conclusion, let's keep our faces giving, love not loving, and never, ever underestimate the power of a good day fueled by face. It's the key to everything you need in life, apparently!

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