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Song meaning of Sorry by Justin Bieber

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Song meaning for Sorry by Justin Bieber

"Sorry" by Justin Bieber is a song about apologizing for past mistakes in a relationship and seeking forgiveness. The lyrics express the singer's regret for not being able to apologize properly and his desire for a second chance. He acknowledges his faults and takes responsibility for his actions, offering to take the blame and make amends. The chorus repeats the question of whether it's too late to say sorry and the singer's realization that he let his partner down. Overall, the song is a heartfelt plea for forgiveness and a desire to make things right.

Funny song meaning for Sorry by Justin Bieber

So, in this song "Sorry" by Justin Bieber, he is basically saying that he screwed up big time and he needs one more shot at forgiveness. He's saying sorry a lot, like seriously, it's in the chorus like a million times. He's also alluding to the fact that he "made those mistakes maybe once or twice, and by once or twice he means maybe a couple of hundred times." So like, Justin, we get it, you messed up, bro. He's also asking if it's too late now to say sorry because he misses more than just the person's body. Like, come on man, let's keep this PG-13. Anyway, he's basically begging for a second chance and saying he'll take the blame, but also pointing out that there's no innocent one in this relationship game for two. So, you know, Justin, maybe take some time for self-reflection and growth instead of just relying on your charm and apologize-o-meter.

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