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Song meaning of LIKE THAT REMIX by Kanye West

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Song meaning for LIKE THAT REMIX by Kanye West

"LIKE THAT REMIX" by Kanye West featuring Future is a high-energy track that delves into themes of success, hustle, and flaunting wealth. The song opens with a bold declaration from Kanye West, setting the tone for the braggadocious lyrics to follow. Kanye's verse showcases his confidence and unapologetic attitude towards his achievements, as he raps about his lavish lifestyle and the haters who underestimated him. He references his rise to the top of the charts and his ability to bounce back from setbacks, emphasizing his resilience and determination.

One of the standout lines in Kanye's verse is when he raps, "I treat a bad bitch like a fat bitch," which can be interpreted as a provocative statement challenging societal norms and expectations. This line, along with others in the verse, highlights Kanye's rebellious spirit and refusal to conform to conventional standards.

Future's verse adds another layer to the song, with his signature melodic delivery and references to luxury brands and indulgence. He raps about his success in the music industry and the rewards of his hard work, painting a picture of a lavish lifestyle filled with designer goods and extravagant experiences.

The chorus, delivered by Future, reinforces the themes of the song, with references to drug dealing, materialism, and living life on the edge. The repetition of the question "is you like that?" serves as a call to action, challenging listeners to embrace the same bold and unapologetic attitude towards success and wealth.

Overall, "LIKE THAT REMIX" is a bold and unapologetic anthem that celebrates success, hustle, and living life to the fullest. The lyrics, delivered with confidence and swagger by Kanye West and Future, paint a vivid picture of a lifestyle filled with luxury, indulgence, and a fearless pursuit of success.

Funny song meaning for LIKE THAT REMIX by Kanye West

Oh, honey, let me break it down for you like I'm the queen of pop culture critiques! So, in Kanye West's "Like That Remix," we've got Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign basically bragging about treating women like they're some cheap fast food option, talking about hitting number one like they're the king of the world, and throwing shade at everyone in the music industry like they just unleashed a pack of wolves in the recording studio. Future comes in to mumble something about high-end watches, moon trips, drugs, and dirty Prada (gross, is that a fashion statement now?). And let's not forget the catchy chorus about selling dope, kicking in doors, stepping in designer shoes, and popping bottles like confetti at a party where the only rule is 'the more questionable your life choices, the better'. Because nothing screams sophistication like a song that glorifies being a young dope dealer with a penchant for luxury goods and questionable morals. Bravo, Kanye, bravo. *insert sarcastic slow clap*

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